A Solo Exhibition: Electrolyte


A Solo Exhibition: Electrolyte

For the month of July, the electrographer – Kristi Beisecker is coming to Florence, MA to exhibit new artwork as well as display previous collections. Electrolyte, is an exhibition that is a celebration of her progress as a fine art photographer. The show is hosted within a gallery space at a spiritual gift store, Groundings, LLC. The shop specializes in crystals, tarot cards, meditation tools, herbs and incense as well as spiritual readings from a variety of styles.


Electrography is produced by exposing organic materials with electricity on photo sensitive paper and developed normally in a darkroom. This photographic process is originally used as a scientific process, seeing its’ potential Kristi reinvigorated the process to make it compatible with traditional darkroom processing. As a result, her works are dramatic, auric, images that invoke all sorts of emotions. Kristi developed the process from taking an Alternative Photography course as part of her Graphic and Interactive Design degree. Electrography was originally thought to capture the life force energy of organic materials (flora, plant life) and was marketed as so, but science explains that you are conducting the water within the plant life and capturing the light that it emits onto the paper.

The reception for the exhibition will take place on July 19th from 3pm – 5pm at Groundings, LLC – 7 Main St. Florence, MA. There, you will have a chance to talk to Kristi as well as look at her work up close in person and enjoy light refreshments.

You can find Kristi’s artwork on the following social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kglyphics

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kglyphics

WWW: http://www.kglyphics.com


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Kristi Beisecker, please call her at 339-225-5885 or email her at info@kglyphics.com


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