profilephotoIn summer 2014, Kristi connected with Amy Jarczynski, a travel expert and entrepreneur who was beginning a project based in the Middle East. After doing an initial internship on social media she hired Kristi for her current website project.

Through a comment made by one of Kristi’s print design professors in college about her design style alluding to the “Life is Good” brand and realizing it was a lifestyle brand, Kristi decided to revamp her graphic design services to focus on lifestyle (beauty, food, literature, leisure, health and fitness, fashion [clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.] travel, decorating, and culture), creative and inspirational industries.

Kristi is now working for several lifestyle brands, one that is notable called, “Style for Bliss”. Bliss is a fashion accessory brand that empowers women through business and traditional crafts & designs to support their journey towards independence. Bliss is committed to fight gender-based violence and poverty through women economic empowerment. They are a subdivision of a parent company called, Fashion for Empowerment, which is part of the UN.

After much deliberation Kristi saw that there was a strong connection between her electrography fine art, graphic design aesthetic and personal interests and branded it all under K Glyphics. Kristi’s electrography fine art carries her far and wide to all edges of the world in turn inspiring her to publish her experiences on her blog, “.Mediumistic”.

Since Fall 2015 Kristi has rebranded “.Mediumistic” into ‘a lifestyle blog with an artsy edge’ featuring posts and tidbits of information on her successes as an artist. She aims to help artists make the pathway to success a bit clearer, as well as promoting the work of under-represented artists from places she’s traveled to.

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