An Update

I am home! I came back from my residency in Canada on Saturday – very late must I add – but home nonetheless. I feel refreshed and a brand new person. Before, I felt like I was being consumed by my grief and it sure got difficult to do certain things and to get certain things done for my trip. But now, I feel like I can take on the world… but I’ll admit I’ve felt my grief creeping back…

Anyway, despite getting sick and everything else that happened, I’m happy to have gone. It’s been a long time since I’ve done anything with a group of artists. I think the last time was in June when I hung out with the Younger than Amy crowd in Provincetown. I’m just happy that I feel like I’m finally moving on from Minuteman – more or less anyway.

I think I’ll be doing another series of posts like I did for California. I’ve been doing a lot of catch up with my publishers, applications, etc. So much happened outside of my residency that week!

My work was accepted into a few more publications which are listed under “News > Publications” on this blog. I also wasn’t accepted into many things. A few things I thought for sure would come through oh well. The wheel of time did just only turn a few weeks ago, it takes time for things to turn around.

But it’s finally October, heading full swing into fall. I have somethings coming up this month that should be exciting. A few exhibition opportunities hopefully and a couple of contests later in the month.

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