Bethlehem, NH

photoLast Week I went to Bethlehem, NH to pick up 3 pieces of artwork from The Bees Knees show. I wish I was in the country so I could’ve attended the reception because it sounded pretty cool. They had a honey tasting and the President of the Bee association came to the reception. The center tried to sell a piece to a well known photographer in the area because he was impressed with the work but it didn’t go through. :( Anyway, I chatted with one of the members there and took pics of the gallery because they invited me to do a solo show next September! I’m excited for it and will probably make a weekend out of it. This ride was the prettiest ride ever to pick up artwork… a drive through the green mountains in June with the flowers blooming and fields of color… September should provide lots of foliage and inspiration for the show. :)

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