Interview with Meghan Widger, textile and fiber artist

Interview with Meghan Widger, textile and fiber artist

Interview with Meghan Widger, textile and fiber artist

In the past 6 months I had the pleasure of working on a collaboration with another artist. While I work with other people consistently in my visual marketing career, I never thought to work with others in my personal artwork. I’ve been in a collaborative mood lately, and decided to take a page out of what many people on instagram and social media do – collaborate! 12985347_3074752308073_8999664223126705948_n

I had been following Meghan Widger, or Hills and Thread on instagram for awhile, as I admired her work and skill with fabric and quilting. Then an idea struck me as I was working with the mandala form with my images and thought that they’d look awesome with a quilting technique, closely linked to traditional tapestries, so I reached out to her and we scheduled a Skype meeting.

One of the things I love the most about the internet is being able to network and connect with other like minded individuals. I, for one, wouldn’t have a career, if it weren’t for the internet, or maybe I would but it wouldn’t be where it is today. Anyway, I’ve successfully used the internet for networking and collaborations regarding my work, and when done ‘right’ can be a really amazing tool to help you in proceed your career.

I’ve sat down with Meghan Widger, owner of Hills and Thread and asked her a few questions about the work she does today.

10300425_3033096746710_6723044646097716898_n1. What made you start the work you do today?
As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved creating. But my sewing journey started at age 14. I got really hooked on the show Project Runway and just felt like I wanted to do what the designers did. I felt a spark, like this was something I could be good at. I wanted to learn, so my awesome parents gifted me with a sewing machine. I taught myself to use it and designed my own garments. However my interested shifted from fashion design to quilting, and has been evolving and expanding ever since.

2. Do you have a vision, goal, or destination in the work you do?
My main destination is to someday teach my own workshops. I want to teach people not only the skills and knowledge to sew or paint, but how to enjoy the process and how therapeutic it can be. I’d also like to travel around to display and sell my work at different festivals and shows. Basically I just want to learn, share, and teach.

3. What did you enjoy about working with me/us?
I enjoyed getting to know a new artist and learning about your Electrography project. Collaborating two completely different skills and talents is such a fun experience. Not only did I learn a lot from you but I also gained a lot of inspiration from this project! 3_Beisecker_Pineneedles

4. What do you do outside of when you’re not designing/creating?
I spend most of my time creating. If I’m not sewing then I’m painting or making something else. But If I’m not making something then I’m taking care of my plants, practicing yoga, or listening to music/podcasts. I love being outside, reading/writing, and thrift store shopping.

5. What made you start Hills and Thread?
Starting Hills and Thread was actually a huge step for me. As an introverted person who used to be painfully shy, I never liked to draw attention to myself and was never one to show off my work. I realized that starting my own business would be constantly challenging me to go outside my comfort zone and, in turn, help me evolve and grow. It took a lot for me to just start posting things I made on social media for exposure, then I was terrified of starting an Etsy shop. But every time you do something that scares you, you take control and the fear loses its power little by little. I decided I wanted to overcome as many fears as possible not only for myself, but to inspire others to do the same.

I, myself, enjoyed working with Meghan and Hills and Thread and look forward to see how this project develops. We have plans to develop our collaboration down the road, possibly supporting a cause that helps Kenyan women through sewing and other awesome ideas. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, or a new home decor piece; check out our work at at: SHOP K GLYPHICS ( and Hills and Thread (

Be on the lookout for future articles by Kristi which will feature ‘tips and tricks for artists to get ahead,’ Artwork ‘currently on view,’ Projects ‘in the studio,’ Travel Stories ‘on the road and in the air,’ and finally ‘lifestyle’ adventures. You can find more about Kristi, and her work on her blog:



I feel the only way to be credited and redeemed in this situation is to post this to my blog. Typically, I would let this go, but since this is kind of a serious issue where I feel that a knife was stabbed in my back, it is the best way.

About a year ago one of my business-owning friends put out a call for logos on their facebook page where the payment was merchandise from their shop. Since the shop was up my alley as a designer and artist, I figured it was worth a shot.

I am paranoid about copyright and stealing since it’s so easy to do so on the internet, I decided to not post the original to the competition post on her business page so sent it to her privately.

She really liked my logo and exclaimed how much she liked my work, so she decided to cancel the competition and would award me the merchandise and use my logo. We continued to work on the draft and revised it a bit. There are now several drafts from the original competition entry. I got the feeling that she didn’t want to pay the merchandise to me right away and through her comments decided that we wait a bit so she can have more ideas. A few months ago, I messaged her again after it had been awhile since we worked on it and she said it wasn’t on her radar. OK, I respect your schedule and that you have a busy life.

Logo her friend made

Just a few days ago, my business friend posted the left logo to her page exclaimed that this season was a good time for change, and that she was ‘surprised’ by a friend with this logo.

I sat in SHOCK. Because the colors, layout and format of this logo is the exact same from the logo draft my friend and I left off with; just a crude version of it.

Logo I made and where we left off

I immediately messaged my friend about this and asked, “Why is this here when the last thing you told me was ‘it wasn’t on your radar?”

She responded with COMPLETE AND UTTER NONESENSE. I’m sorry, but I DO not buy what my friend told me.

NO ONE gets this close on the first try… NO ONE!

My friend responded with this…

It wasn’t on my radar, I am doing a barter with a friend for her wedding jewelry. And she surprised me with a logo that fit what I was looking for. I didn’t ask for a logo it just kinda happened. She is doing some photography for my website. I remember we were working on it, in that moment it wasn’t what I was looking for. This was just a pleasant surprise that someone had made for me. It was no disrespect to you or what you do and it wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings. Im really sorry thats how you feel. Like I said it wasn’t my intention for this to happen or for your feelings to be hurt.

I brought up this incident with a few of my friends and they told me that she probably said that as to avoid an issue with me.

I’m SORRY I DO NOT BUY WHAT YOU SAID. After months of not communicating with me and explaining to me about what you do and don’t want with a logo, you realize that we can work out these issues as a team?! That’s the whole point of working with a designer. WE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO READ YOUR DAMN MIND.



There’s something I’ve been wanting to write about for awhile to get off my chest.
My former harp teacher recently unfriended me on Facebook because she thought I was being ridiculous in that I wasn’t following my boss’s instructions that went against my education and previous experience in the field. She believed that since my boss wrote the check that I should follow their instructions to the T. In theory this is right. But only in theory – especially since that particular job wasn’t the only one and I didn’t really need it. I told her she had no right to reprimand me in front of my friends for being caught up in something that I was asking for clarification in. Someone I know who worked in scheduling agreed with me… and other things… I was just dumbstruck that she would call me out as such. She also thought she knew my field because her daughter worked in for over 10 years… I’m sorry, but you have no respect for what I do if you think you know what it takes to make a decent design and I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t call your daughter’s work to be anything spectacular either… she’s great at art and illustration and has a clever way to incorporate it into an image, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it great design… seen better.

As a design and marketing specialist, I am typically hired for my knowledge and skills in the field. It’s how my career took off – at Minuteman it was how I was hired… and I continue to stand out in my field with my creativity and design skill – I get jobs and gigs for it and that’s the way it should be. I’ve been freelancing since 2010 and have a very good understanding of the field. I may be young, but I am not inexperienced in my field. I have been hired for my proficiency, etc. so do not try to tear me down or disagree with something I feel strongly with. My ideals and morals have gotten me this far in the field and I will not step down to someone who doesn’t know. Honestly, it’s like me saying that I know all about mechanical engineering because my Dad’s been working in the field for over 30 years… that’s ridiculous! I know the basics of electronics, but other than that, not much…!

But, I’m sorry. If I have been trained and taught to do a certain way and I am hired for it, I will not let anyone else tell me otherwise – why hire me if you can’t allow me to do my job?? And otherwise, the job is probably not a good fit – if you can’t handle this from me, we can’t work together.

I’ve been studying, practicing, educated, experienced in graphic design for over 10 years. My first commission was done late middle school. I am not going to ‘dumb down’ my skills just because an ill-informed boss wouldn’t agree with me on something that I have been taught and trained and do very well in.

I may not be working in a print shop, but my work goes directly to the printer via my boss. It is part of my job as a graphic design specialist to make the document as impeccable and perfect as possible so that the final product is something the boss or customer can be proud of. I’m not going to let grammar technicality inconsistencies and typos ruin a design I spent hours creating – it’s a reflection of the designer and reflected as an inexperienced one – which I am not. I had a potential client call the other graphic designers he’s worked with assholes because they left typos and grammar technicality inconsistencies in their designs and didn’t have attention to detail. Excuse me, I don’t want to be seen as an asshole in my field, in front of my peers because of a lack of attention to detail.   If I am taught and trained to put extensions in numbers, I will fucking do that, if you disagree with me, why hire me?

So to my harp teacher – sorry, but you’re wrong on this one, even though you so wanted to be right. Telling me to not do my job as a specialist in my field is ridiculous. You also can’t assume you know everything without having worked a day in the field… so good on you for unfriending me.

Bliss Logo Re-Design BC WIP

Bliss Logo Re-Design BC WIP

I have been working hard on the marketing materials for Bliss and I’m excited with the progress we’ve done so far. I am posting these updates on my personal blog because I want to post finished pieces on K Glyphics.

A few weeks ago, we finalized the Bliss re-design logo and now we’re working on the business cards.

Bliss-woboxThe concept behind this logo was found through inspiration from Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs of the lotus flower. The flower motif is important to Bliss, as when the woman go through this program, they blossom from a rough point in their lives overcoming violence into an empowered woman who has honed skills.

The colors were also inspired by the Ancient Egyptian palette. We originally thought orange was a too corporate feeling, but chose as shade of orange that was a bit subdued to match the earth vibe of the brand’s image.


The logo initially started with a dozen or so sketches and then photographed and uploaded. The sketch to the right was the last one we worked on before it was outlined in Illustrator and colored in in photoshop. I find it easier to do color effects in photoshop than in Illustrator so it was just personal preference on that choice.

1463914_642331162485875_1415535763_nWe were pleased with the outcome of the logo and like the complexity of the logo as it can be broken down into different parts to be used in future aspects of the brand, so the rest of the branding image can have some flexibility.  We also adored the final shape of the logo as it was reminiscent of the old logo, but a more updated – fresh look.

We’re working on finalizing the business card and perhaps hope to have it completed in the coming week.

11143708_2906519222351_499207424530265154_o The business card I had been struggling with since I haven’t done a non-standard size before. I am currently working on perfecting the piece, making sure every detail is just right! When you’re in this field, there are certain details that you pick up as a graphic designer that most people wouldn’t even consider but makes a world of a difference. We’re considering a laser-cut cover for example, or the inside cover should match up with the right fold flap… those things.

New Project: Custom Clothiers

New Project: Custom Clothiers

Last Friday, I came home from the cape to meet with Harry from Custom Clothiers in downtown Wellesley Hills. I saw the posting for Window Design/Dressings on craigslist and thought it would be an interesting addition to what I already do. He also seemed interested in graphic work as well. I meet with him on Monday again to test out a design to see where things go.

New Client: Style for Bliss

New Client: Style for Bliss

I recently had the opportunity to present my portfolio and proposal for a social-enterprise brand based in Marlborough, MA. They are part of the UN and help train women with marketable skills in jewelry design to change their lives. Our proposal was to conceptualize a package design concept for their jewelry brand – Style for Bliss. When I got the invitation to present my portfolio, I was stoked as their work is right up K Glyphics’ alley. I spent a few minutes researching jewelry packaging and drove quickly down to Michael’s to purchase some packaging supplies to put together a few prototypes – and it definitely paid off!

The creative director of Style for Bliss and I spoke for 2 hours about their work, my work and the proposal. The over all the presentation went way better than I anticipated as that is always a good thing. As the CD and I got talking and sharing our ideas she ended up really liking my portfolio and proposal and said I was her favorite :).

I am happy to announce that my proposal was accepted for their Packaging Designer position! My role will be to develop and design a package for their jewelry that communicates their brand through design and materials. I am excited to take on this endeavor as it is something entirely new to my skill set and for K Glyphics. But there is a lot of growth and opportunities from this.

Design: Printed Materials for A Solo Show: Electrolyte!

Last night I printed out the designed materials for A Solo Show: Electrolyte! I’m trying to think of EVERYTHING lol. The gift bags aren’t included here as they haven’t been completely made yet and I don’t have good photos of them. I will take more photos on setup day.


6 labels for each print; includes dimensions, price and description


A price list, containing a longer description for each series. 3 series of 2. Business cards and labels.


Another view of the price list with the guestbook in the background.


A view of the business cards.

Over the river and through the woods..

It really did feel like I went over the river and through the woods to Pennsylvania and back. I stayed with my friend Richelle, who was a year above me in school. I went to PA for 48 hours for an in-person interview at Signs by Tomorrow. The place I was interviewed for awhile ago. I think I needed a trip like that. To be by myself and not have to deal with people is nice. I forgot what that was like and why I liked being away from home for college so much. It gave me a sense of independence that’s difficult for me to find at home.

I really liked Flourtown. Its’ got that historic feel to it, but its a suburban town very much like the town I grew up in. So I really hope things work out with SBT. I really need to leave this place, its got nothing but terrible memories attached to it.

I think the interview/work day at SBT went well. It was cool to be doing work that I went to school for. The only thing I wish that went differently was that I actually got sleep. I ended up sleeping on an air mattress at Richelle’s and that didn’t go so well. I haven’t slept on an air mattress I think since I was a kid. So I ended up getting three hours of sleep. But I suppose you do what you have to do.

The drive there and back was actually not that bad. I think I paid about $40 in tolls though. On the way there I avoided that path but on the way back that’s where the GPS took me. Kind of disgusting.

So I should hear by the weekend or the beginning of next week. Mom and I were talking about earlier that all the signs were there. Ha.

I also had a dream. I don’t remember my dreams and they often tend to be prophetic in nature. I dreamt I was at a sign shop and there was pre-cut metal boards and paper boards hanging up on the walls. The team was there handing out t-shirts to customers and I came in and took one and stood by the team. Usually when I have a dream about something major its a good sign. haha.

Historical Entertainments Logo Part 2

So the left is what I came up with. I was working with the colors and tried getting what I saw in my third eye, but I just couldn’t get it there. So I went a different route and ended up with these colors. They imply that it is patriotic but it speaks more to entertainment.

To the right is the business card we’re working with. I really like how the logo is positioned in this, but I think the typography could use some work. Although she did say she liked it like that. We’ll see how it comes together.


I am hired. Or will be. I had my interview with Signs by Tomorrow. And they want to hire me but I have to go through their hiring process which will be a bit of a balancing act since the position is in Flourtown, Pa and I’m still stuck here in Boston. But yay! I’m excited cause this means I’ll be in PA and close to people I know. They want me to come to PA for an in-person interview/training session and then I’ll be hired. Just gotta figure out moving and logistics stuff, but it seems like a definite that they want to hire me.

Visual Language

One of my long-ish term projects that I’ve been thinking about is creating a visual language that would be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Regular Languages are practical for many reasons, but wouldn’t it be nice to convey the same information in a more pleasingly manor? The language can be read by all even those who cannot read practical languages…despite having an information recall disability languages fascinate me.

It would also be good for those who are aesthetic learners, people who learn things via visual means. A linguist, Richard Brodie, developed a glyph system that took the english language and added color to it and he called it; Chromaphonoglyphics.

Even the social media icons can be seen as a type of visual language system. In esotericism there is a geometrical language given to us from the ancient Vedas called the Tattwas. Tattwa are geometric images from India. they are  symbols  that can be used in mandala.  One of the most traditional symbol sets and one considered to have innate power to effect realization is by using  Tattwa. These simple geometric symbols can be used in  meditation.

I was then thinking about how other things are conveyed in a compact manor.

I somehow ran across floor medallions and thought that their style would be perfect for conveying a lot of information in a compact space.


So like the center could be the main idea of the story and the surrounding elements could tell details of the story. Perhaps using philosopher, Keyserling’s logic about brain coherence might be interesting to work with.

Lightwaves bizcard

Yay! So today while driving around cape cod my mom and I realized how much potential Lightwaves has. I.E how many signs that really need revamping… and she was like so you need a business card.

Tonight I sat down and designed myself one. When I’m home next week, I’ll print out a test copy and then have them printed.

… for fun since I dabble with Tarot I asked my Tarot of a Moon Garden deck what my first client with Lightwaves might be described as.

First card: Queen of Cups – feminine, Pretty and beautiful, in a conventional and very feminine way, maybe a bit girlish. Nobody can say she’s not cute, but some people may think she is too sweet, too soft, maybe even a bit bland. Smiles a lot, is very charming. Of the four queens, she would be the most likely to be a model.

Second card: Death – very, very pale and dark hair. tall dark and handsome, or dark and mysterious. Perhaps a little on the quiet side, yet has an edge about him (or her)

Third card: Hierophant – Conformist… so it could be that they look and dress to fit society rather than setting trends. think pencil skirts, stockings, heels, sleek jacket. Very knowledgeable, soft spoken, intelligent. Also good looking simple dressed most importantly orthodox, traditional,conservative and following rules.

Place in Space

 I was reading one of my favorite alchemical resources and found this transcription. I have fallen in love with it. Very in line with what I’m interested in. :)
Place in Space
Transcribed by Adam McLean from MS. Sloane 3797, folios 3-5.

Place in Space
the residence of Motion,
or the Secret Mystery of Nature’s progress,
being an Elucidation of the Blessed Trinity.
Father – Son – and Holy Ghost.
Space – Place – and Motion.

Space, Place, Father & Son
are inseparable fixed & immoveable.

Motion ye Holy Ghost
Is that which brings all things to the Blessed determination
of the Dei, as in the Gloria Patri, Filii & Spiriti Sancti, etc.

Space is the Circle of Created World
Space is the Place wherein this Engine’s rolled
As Place a Center circled in by Space
So Space ye Circle is of place’s place
Place is a Center yet Exchange of Place
The Lineal motion is to Space’s Space
Place in it Self is ever fixed and still
Which doth ye Vacant Space of Spaces fill
Space can not Move because it all Contains
Yet Space is Motion, place where Power reigns
Nor Space nor Place do ever Stir nor Move
Yet place in Space is restless Motions Grove
Great is the Magic of this motion’s race
Motion in Space doth pass from place to place
Thus Motion caught in all including Space
Standing in centers moved to Circle’s place
Motion is that which runs the world about
Yet it a place is never found without
Place it is Still from Motion never free
Move and not move how can it ever be.
This riddle placed in Space of mental motion
Is plane to sense without erratic notion
Motion’s confined to various centriq place
Never to pass ye boundless bounds of Space
Thus each beginning doth its end contain
And End once made it must begin again
For what was done by one Creating Word
Must by this Three in one be understood
If any ask how this could ever be done
Tell them the word is Father, Ghost and Son
Before that time was made Creatural
God in himself was the great all in all
But to extend the virtue of his power
Of nothing all things made for his one bower
Thus was the great abyssive might
Formed into Creature, whence produced was Light
This light to Nature joined both firmly stood
As primo genitors and to beings food
The product of this all including one
In Triple Creature most divinely shown
Prangeth it self by measure of formation
To be the being’s being of Creation
Thus were the heavens and the Earth begot
Both out of darkness unto Light was brought
From whence was made twixt one and t’other
Father, & Mother, Sister, & Brother
Four in number as the Elements are
Conjointly work to procreate their par
Fire is the Father, and the Mother is air
Brother and Sister, Earth and Water, are
These in their number weight and Measure
Make of this world the hidden treasure
Joined them thro light let them unite together
That they may live in love and be for Ever
So is the Quatrant four in one
The Matter Form and Essence of our Stone.

Daily Draw: 02

See? I told you I wouldn’t keep up. Anyway. I’ll keep doing daily draws whenever I think of it I guess.
Two days already and I haven’t done it since Saturday!

I’ve been busy putting together Senior Art show work, which is due tomorrow and thankfully it is all done! Just gotta figure out how to truck it all over to the art department without destroying it all. :-)

For tomorrow, I drew the Page of Coins. Perfect card for submitting work. Pages are all about messengers of a practical nature. Or givers of materialistic means. I’m supposed to be submitting my work for the senior art show as well as dropping off signs for my internship.

I didn’t remember on Sunday cause well I was up way past my bed time getting senior show stuff together, had a drink and promptly fell asleep.

Tonight, I plan on working on those signs and shooting the second roll of my self-portrait project so I have something to work on in Photography.  Gah! Things are starting to overlap each other… not liking it one bit.

Sigils and the Shining Ones

Lately I’ve been inspired by sigils and I think I was inspired by them once upon at time because in some of them my logo can really blend in. I like the idea of creating a glyph with intent and to be applied practically.

I also came up with my photography final. I was searching for inspiration for my final and decided that I wanna try light painting. You basically let the shutter stay open 5-10 minutes while the other person draws with a laser. My inspiration for this is the Shining Ones;

“Shining Ones” is the Imperial term for the ancient, psionically powerful race which preceded most of Imperial civilization. We know about them solely through the artifacts and structures which they have left behind, most of which have been buried or destroyed by natural ecological processes in the five hundred thousand years estimated to have passed since the time of their civilization’s fall.

As there have been no living or dead Shining Ones – even skeletal remains – yet discovered, our understanding of the appearance of these beings is based purely on speculation gleaned from their architecture. It appears that the Shining Ones were bilaterally symmetrical bipedal beings, ranging from four to seven feet in height. They wore clothing of many kinds, suited to fit a being with two manipulatory appendages and two legs. It is likely they had a head perched on their torso above their manipulatory appendages, as well; research indicates that this was the place where their visual sensory organs were located judging from the height of visually interesting items in their remaining buildings.
Oddly, no depictions of the Shining Ones themselves remain amongst their artifacts and structures, although many visual representations of technology, architecture, animals, and other things have been found amongst the ruins of their civilization.

Earth Matters Poster

This is for an earth awareness week my college is sponsoring.  I had my mayan coloring book and was looking through it for inspiration and found the image of the snake which is an image widely worshiped in the mayan culture. Snakes represented wisdom and mystical knowledge. 
I then had an vision/flash for this poster… using a grundgey effect along with the cartoon/vector style I wanted it to speak to a time when the earth was lush and full.
Apparently this is going into some national publication soon, I don’t know much about it but that’s what my adviser said, so we’ll see what happens with that.

Amnesty International

This past Wednesday night I met Folabi Olabaju, the Mid Atlantic regional director of Amnesty International. I believe I blogged about the poster I did for the individuals at risk campaign and apparently everyone in that class did a poster and Folabi wanted to meet everyone. Mine was displayed along with six or so others at this event. 


Apparently there’s a fad/hobby out there where people convert old school buses into RV homes. They call them “Skoolies”. I’ve talked about converting an american trolley into a vardo like wagon in the past. And that’s one of the main projects I’m going to work on once I graduate and finally get a job. I’ve been looking for a quiet place to place a studio but they are all too expensive for my use, especially if I don’t use them all the time. If I converted something into a useable mobile studio I wouldn’t have to bother with leases and I’ll be able to take it anywhere in the world with me.

A typical artist’s studio isn’t suited for my needs either. Typically there’s no internet and sometimes no electricity both crucial for my field.

I’ve seen trolley’s being priced from anywhere between $20k-$30k that’s much more affordable than say a $150k+ studio that I may only use 1/3 of the year. Plus the customization. I can customize accordingly to what I NEED rather than make do with what is given to me. This is my work place, and if you can’t tell what kind of personality I have already, what I do is a big part of my life because I enjoy it. I don’t consider it work.

I also plan on using recycled materials, which will cut the cost down. I’ve done woodworking before so I’m pretty comfortable sprucing up some used wood (IE wood from palettes).

We’ll see what happens, but I really do want to start this project within 5 years after graduation.


Well. I found my printer. I was reading the monthly package design magazine that I get and one of the articles in there talked about a food product that had completely edible packaging to help reduce waste. Once you eat the food product you can eat the packaging as well! I read that they used vegetable based inks and was intrigued by the idea.

I wanted to see if I could find a printer that would print in a traditional fashion but used recycled paper and vegetable inks instead. I found GreenerPrinter! I requested paper samples and I think I may eventually get my business cards from them as they do die cutting as well. I’m all for promoting sustainability in my design work so I’m more than willing to pay a little extra. Also if more people notice that its recycled paper + vegetable inks they may be more inclined to use them as well.

Here’s their mission statement:

Greenerprinter’s mission is to demonstrate that a manufacturing business can operate in harmony with the planet while providing a transparent and sustainable environment.
Our team believes in the triple bottom line: People, planet and profit. Profit is not the motive, but the means to the end. We recognize that we have responsibility to be a part of the solution to the many environmental challenges that we all face.
We see the road to sustainable manufacturing as a long journey with multiple permutations, but we will never deviate from our commitment to the environment, our employees, our customers and pursuit of a harmonious business model for others to follow.

You can read more about our ongoing efforts toward sustainability in our sustainability policy. Some of the specific steps that we are taking include:

  • Offering recycled paper. We stock only papers that contain a high percentage of recycled content. In fact, most are 100% recycled.
  • Using soy and vegetable-based inks, low in Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Operating as a carbon-neutral business via carbon offsets of shipping emissions and investments of Renewable Energy Credits to offset emissions from operations.
  • Investing in state-of-the art equipment to minimize waste in the printing process.
  • Using technology to implement streamlined operations that optimize efficiency.
  • Minimizing chemical use in the platemaking and printing processes.
  • Doing all of our printing on-site, which enables us to maintain consistency and quality and closely monitor our environmental impact.
  • Supporting the green movement as a whole by partnering with organizations that promote the transition to a green economy, such as the Green Festivals, Bioneers, West Coast Green, and the Sustainable Industries Economic Forums.

We are also proud of the awards and recognition our green practices have earned us, such as Adobe’s Customer Showcase and the Acterra Business Environmental Award. We are based in Berkeley, California and have more than 20 years experience.

Kirlian Photography

For my Alternative Photography class I am doing Kirlian Photography which is essentially photograms made with electricity instead of the nuclear energy of the sun. The above is my absolutely favorite photo of the bunch that I did recently. The effect really should be done in color on a Polaroid but those are expensive and hard to find, so I used what I had which was traditional black and white. While at my station one day I realized that photograms are really no different than arranging text and images in a photoshop document. Instead of using text and images I am using life and light to design an image.

Honors Posters

As part of project manager for studio south I had to make sure 20 something posters were printed and designed within a month. Last year we got about 27 posters in a span of five days and was so disorganized I didn’t know anyone’s skills so I had to do most of them to make sure the students’ got them. This year we got a bit more organized and was a lot less stressful. It was rough at the end as one of the designers claimed they didn’t get the schedule of dates for the project… and threw the poster together last minute. Above is the poster I did, sorry it the picture is a bit blurry I took it with my ipod. :-)

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