Boston, MA – Americans for the Arts Convention

As I lay here trying to sleep, I figured I’d do my write up for the Americans for the Arts Convention that I attended this past weekend. I came back to Wellesley on Thursday to attend a convention that the Mass Cultural Council invited me to. I had been looking for events and networking opportunities over the winter to attend to this year. 13450098_3131250960504_2202132617928704052_n

While the theme of the convention this year was Public Art and I originally felt that it wasn’t really up my alley being a photographer, I still learned a lot from it and gained some inspiration. There are new trends and innovations within the arts community that are crossing over to the corporate world which I find interesting. It was also a unique convention in the sense that since it was public art so you were mingling with city officials from all over. Unfortunately a lot of it I felt was related to policy, which to me is totally unrelatable. Not to mention I felt like it was hard to network with some of these people since they were 10, 20, 30, 40 years older than me. Though it did give me some insight and direction as to where I should aim in my career.

In terms of learning, I felt that the skills, management and processes to produce these monumental projects were of like-mind in the sense that project management is project management no matter what the outcome was, which was very relatable for me. Coming to this event from a marketing/journalism background I thought was interesting. As many of these people were administrative/policy/advocacy members and then wearing the artist hat, it was interesting to see the other sides of the judging panel.

Although the best parts were seeing a colleague of mine and a community that I have been in contact with out here in Western MA there. It was nice to see the staff at the Arts Extension Services there. As if it wasn’t for the class that I took with them, I would not have met my current landlord! I also met and introduced myself to Jane Echelman whom I have admired since college. I told her that I had seen her at her Wellfleet talk last summer and that I wrote a paper about her work in college comparing it to 1960s sculpture; she seemed flattered! Then properly handed her my biz card with a copy of my photographs on it. :)

All in all, I’m glad I went, though I’m glad I was invited by Mass Cultural Council. Unless the theme was really up my alley, I don’t think it was worth $500 to attend, though I did get a lot of inspiration from it.

Bar Harbor, ME – MDI Biological Lab

Bar Harbor, ME – MDI Biological Lab

E-announcement AMSExhibition June 20th – September 30th

A Fresh Field of Life: Artists, Naturalists and the Vision for Acadia is the theme of the MDI Biological Laboratory’s fifth annual Art Meets Science exhibit that features science-inspired work by local, national, and international artists. Concurrent with the centennial celebration of Acadia National Park, this year’s exhibition tells the story of art and science coming together on this island in the 19th century, the founding of a national part and how art and science connect our knowledge in the 21st century.

Featured Art & Science Collaborators

Robyn Ellenbogen with Keven Strange, Ph.D., & Dustin Updike, Ph.D.
Linda Rowell-Kelley with Jane Disney, Ph.D.

Opening Reception > Thursday, July 7th
Preview showing for artists and their guests begins at 4 pm
Open to the public at 5-7 pm

Weekly guided tours > June 21st through September 30th
For more information and to pre-register:

Taste of Iceland 2016

Taste of Iceland 2016

Ever wanted to make it over to Iceland but never got around to it? Iceland has promoted themselves as a ‘stop-over’ destination and an inexpensive international getaway. I only made it through the airport terminal on the way to London last spring but reading all about the facts and trivia along the way on Icelandic air definitely made me want to go back. The young couple on the right of me were staying for 5 days and through WOW you can get a flight for as low as $380!

It’s a perfect getaway spot, though once on the island things can be pricey, but with all destinations, a little research and budgeting you can still have quite the experience! But why not put all that effort in? Besides this time of year Iceland is cold, if not colder than Boston and you can still get all the same flavors through attending a Taste of Iceland!

Taste of Iceland is an action-packed weekend at various locations throughout the year. This year’s Taste of Iceland happens to be March 4th – 7th. If you’re not in the Boston area, don’t worry, the event is scheduled throughout the country to promote Icelandic flavors and culture.

The one that I’m particularly interested in attending and enjoying is the culinary collaboration between Icelandic chef Thrainn Freyr Vigfússon, head chef at Blue Lagoon’s LAVA Restaurant and American chef Matt Foley, Executive Chef at The Merchant. The menu sounds delightful and intriguing. I’m always up for a good nibble.

The other cultural activities sound good as well, they’ve got an Icelandic band playing at The Middle East on Saturday, March 5. A film screening of Rokk í Reykjavik, a documentary that explores the expanding rock scene in Iceland; a literary event that “celebrates Iceland’s robust storytelling culture with a discussion lead by Eliza Reid, a Reykjavik-based writer and editor who helped found the Iceland Writers Retreat, an annual gathering for published and aspiring writers”. A Taste of Iceland is a great way to get to know the culture before going there.

Check out the schedule of events from Iceland Naturally.

Boston, MA – BGTravelShow

Boston, MA – BGTravelShow

The annual Boston Globe Travel Trade Show opened this weekend on Friday, February 19th at the Seaport World Trade Center. The weekend began with roundtable; ‘speed-dating’ style discussion groups with representatives of top travel destinations around the world. The morning and afternoon was broken up into different groups of destinations, “Wedding, Honeymoon and Group Travel”, “Family and Intergenerational Travel” and finally “Eco and Adventure Tourism”. These discussions are not to be missed as they provide essential information to booking your next vacation or corporate event. As a PR/Media attendee I was after contacts and establishing relationship with professionals whom otherwise I would not have met!12717220_3014200994328_260099795776186647_n

As a lifestyle specialist, a travel trade show is a small piece of heaven. Many booths were giving away merchandise or pamphlets and according to the destination, cultural foods and drinks – one booth even had a rum bar! As the weekend unfolds, there is much merriment to be had with food demonstrations, cultural performances and opportunity making.

The culinary program of events is impressive with two-full days of food demonstrations from top chefs across the world. If you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a cooking show, this is the next best thing! Throughout both days there are impressive dishes for the discerning New Englander’s tongue or they may provide the perfect inspiration for your next dinner party! If you’re not a foodie, that’s okay as the trade show also provides an educational, in-depth and inspiring cultural program with prominent speakers and writers that will help inspire you to pick your next destination.

Everyone’s objective in going to the Boston Globe Travel Trade Show is different. For me it was networking, building relationships, learning, etc. for some it is purely educational, for others mere entertainment. Whatever it is, I will leave you with my top 4 pieces of advice for going to a travel trade show.

1. Arrive Early
Whether you are there for part of your job, or a general attendee, arrive early. Many things that factor into your travel time there and if you get hung up in traffic or have trouble finding a parking spot the extra time will help. This is especially important for professionals, you do not want to be late!

2. Plan Your Objective
What do you hope to accomplish with your time at a travel trade show? Who are your top professionals that you want to speak to? For me, it was sales and PR representatives, those who can invite me to future press trips or provide sponsorships.

3. Prepare Your Promotional Materials
Many sales representatives will present you with promotional and merchandise materials. Creating yours will help you leave a lasting impression as well as show that you are legitimate. It can be as short and sweet as a sell sheet with your products and services, or as in-depth as media kit. But puh-lease, don’t do it the night before. 😉 It can even be as simple as a business card.

4. Be Open
This is an experience! Experience it by trying new things, live a little, as that is what traveling to a new destination is all about! Don’t be afraid to talk to fellow attendees or introduce yourself, the more people you connect, the more opportunity can be made.

Well there you have it! If you are local, regional or even national, the Boston Globe Travel Trade Show is a great affordable event for all travel enthusiasts. It’s like seeing all the world at once in one room!

A Solo Exhibition: Electrolyte

A Solo Exhibition: Electrolyte


A Solo Exhibition: Electrolyte

For the month of July, the electrographer – Kristi Beisecker is coming to Florence, MA to exhibit new artwork as well as display previous collections. Electrolyte, is an exhibition that is a celebration of her progress as a fine art photographer. The show is hosted within a gallery space at a spiritual gift store, Groundings, LLC. The shop specializes in crystals, tarot cards, meditation tools, herbs and incense as well as spiritual readings from a variety of styles.


Electrography is produced by exposing organic materials with electricity on photo sensitive paper and developed normally in a darkroom. This photographic process is originally used as a scientific process, seeing its’ potential Kristi reinvigorated the process to make it compatible with traditional darkroom processing. As a result, her works are dramatic, auric, images that invoke all sorts of emotions. Kristi developed the process from taking an Alternative Photography course as part of her Graphic and Interactive Design degree. Electrography was originally thought to capture the life force energy of organic materials (flora, plant life) and was marketed as so, but science explains that you are conducting the water within the plant life and capturing the light that it emits onto the paper.

The reception for the exhibition will take place on July 19th from 3pm – 5pm at Groundings, LLC – 7 Main St. Florence, MA. There, you will have a chance to talk to Kristi as well as look at her work up close in person and enjoy light refreshments.

You can find Kristi’s artwork on the following social media sites:





If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Kristi Beisecker, please call her at 339-225-5885 or email her at


Gallery 263: Massachusetts!

massgalleryOn Friday I left work early to go into Cambridge, MA for two receptions. The first one, at this year’s VSA competition (the one that accepted my works into the Smithsonian) from the Massachusetts chapter. I ran across the blog and am going to submit my story to it (when I have a chance to write it). I met the one of the members who connected me to this reception who happened to grow up in Longmeadow! Crazy. The reception was nice and the gallery was nice but small. Afterwords, I sent the executive director an email seeing if they’d let me do a solo show at the Open Doors Gallery (where it was held).

Then I went to the other side of the river for the reception at Gallery 263: Massachusetts! A former high school teacher of mine came to the reception as well as my uncle and my brother. As you can probably tell from my photos, it was PACKED. It was probably the most crowded reception I have been in! (This is the reception where I was mentioned in the press release). Overall fun night, despite battling Boston rush hour traffic. Ugh!

PS: If you click the photo about it’ll take you to the facebook photo gallery.

Holiday Open Studios at Cabot Street Studios

162c838c5e1011e3b0391231e80ea787_8Thursday I came home from Enfield to attend the Holiday Open Studios at Cabot Street Studios. We had really bad weather so we think that that kept some people at home. We had a bit of a turn out, but there was definitely food left over. I was able to show my studio and do some positives of the paper negatives I had already made. Unfortunately my device stopped working again and my Dad has to work on it. Also the paper negatives did not completely develop so the positives came out grey and not black. Process still not perfected, but soon it will be! But overall, I was glad to have been there and socialize with the artists that were there.

1486878_730740406939265_1414799262_n d85b31145e1b11e38352122ed0b019ef_8

Studio19 – Opening Reception Recap

DSCN0201On Tuesday evening I drove over 70 miles to attend my reception on the Northshore coming from Enfield, Ct. During work that day I learned that both my photographer and production crew (Estrada Productions) that I had booked for the reception fell through! My parents ended up taking pictures. But the fact that I have never put on an event like this before I thought the reception went very well. Several new people showed up and showed interest in buying my artwork! Some of the artists from Cabot Street showed up as well which I was very thankful for. It started slow, but ended well. There was definitely more people than I expected, which is always nice. I was even publicized in the Wicked Local: Wellesley. And Beverly Main Streets did a social media blast and my landlord posted the reception on the Cabot Street website. I put posters up around town which seemed to be the most effective. I even got interest from a Healing Center located down the street to do a partnership with my process and capturing people’s energy with it because they do Reiki. I’m pretty excited about that. I have to do some more research on that, but that won’t happen until I finish my proposal for my artist residency. I think in the end I’d definitely do it all over again, but I may focus on promotion next time. But it was difficult to work on getting the studio setup and do self promotion and starting a new job all at once. Now I just have to make a whole new body of work and have another one!

Washington DC Reflections

Washington DC Reflections


My trip to Washington DC has photobeen amazing! Tuesday, I woke up quarter to 7 am and left to go to the airport around 8 am. I left Boston at 10 am and arrived in DC by 11 am – I entertained myself on the plane by reading some material that AMORC sent me the week before.  I was in my hotel room by 12:30 pm. After I arrived I went to a french organic cafe called Le Pain Quotiden! Really good food for the price. In the late afternoon, I walked around National Mall and saw the Washington Monument which was cool, but unfortunately the earthquake that happened a few years ago in 2011, damaged it and its’ going to take at least 3 years to finish. So there was a big scaffold around the monument and the park area was closed. But I could still walk around it and take pictures. I intended to walk to the White House but somehow went the opposite direction and ended up at the Lincoln Memorial. But it took so long to get there since it was so bloody hot and humid that by the time I got there, I didn’t have the energy or time to walk up to the monument. I really needed to get back to the hotel to get ready for the reception. So walked around the monument and called a cab to the hotel.

bc9892c41a8111e38a5622000a1fbe35_7Reception: It was so much fun!! People really had no problem coming up to me and asking me about my artwork which was really nice! I even got to sign my autograph again which is always fun. Then right before I was handed my check, someone who was working the reception came up to me and said that Joe Kennedy whose the congressman for the 4th district of Massachusetts wanted to meet me and see my artwork! The reception photographer was right there and snapped a few photos of us standing next to my work. He was so sweet! He asked me about my process, and I was busy explaining my process to him when they called me up to the podium I was not prepared to be the first one called up, should’ve known, but so not prepared! lol  Some of my favorite moments besides the Joe Kennedy one; the mother of the grand prize winner came up to me and said that she really liked it and thought how similar they looked and said she’d buy it.

Wednesday Morning: I had brunch with the jurors at the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts. The food was good and the conversation was great. Nothing too new came out of the conversation in terms of information, but it was nice to meet the judges and hear about their background and process with choosing the artwork. I had one of my fellow artists come up to me interested in a psychic reading, but unfortunately we couldn’t do it this trip. I told her to feel free to call me whenever she was ready.

1240531_2205118327767_1721654814_nThen we headed over to Flashpoint Gallery and had an interesting conversation with one of the curators of the gallery. I think that information was more beneficial to me. Gave me a new perspective on some things, one of the things I really liked that came out of that talk was if the opportunity isn’t there, make it happen! I’ve thought about doing talks and speeches and haven’t really thought of using my studio space or some other venue or use my studio space more than just a studio space. I have started to think differently about it with my opening, but that’s to be expected.

After, before I headed to my duck tour, I went to a souvenir shop near by and bought a frame,  a Washington Monument sharpener and a pair of sunglasses. I had been meaning to buy a new pair and saw them for $6. Compared to department store prices that’s a bargain! lol They are also an ultra cool orange that goes with a lot of my summer outfits :)

Then I headed over to Union Station and boarded my duck tour. It was nice and relaxing and was able to see more of DC. I had never been on a duck tour which is why I decided to go on one here. For lunch I had a Starbucks coffee and slice of pound cake at Union Station before the tour. After a nap, I went and had a panini for dinner at Amorini Panini which was right next store to the hotel.

Tomorrow, I plan on hitting the Lincoln Memorial and maybe skipping the White House since you can’t get up close and personal with it anyway and head to the National Archives and see the Declaration of Independence.


Thursday morning, I went to the National Archives and saw the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, etc. Then I went up to the Lincoln Memorial and from there back to my hotel. My check out was at noon so I figured it was easiest to just go to the airport and hang out until my flight. As I was about to leave the hotel, I realized I had forgot my reception dress – so I ran back to the room and got it. My cab driver’s credit card machine got screwed up so he let me go for free. I managed to get to the gate OK and waited to 4 pm. Then the shit storm happened. My 1 hr flight was delayed 6 hours because of weather and equipment issues. By the time I got up to the counter to board the plane, my transfer ticket wasn’t in their system for whatever reason. By that time I was so worried that I wouldn’t make it on that flight I was literally balling my eyes out. The attendant made me WAIT until I was the last person in line to fix my ticket. I had arrived home by 1 am and was in my bed by 3 am. I woke up the next morning and packed my bags for California.

So there you have it! I’ll be doing a big photo dump when I will get the photos from the VSA people, which will be a few weeks. Ugh – the wait!

Hello world.