Bar Harbor, ME – MDI Biological Lab

Bar Harbor, ME – MDI Biological Lab

E-announcement AMSExhibition June 20th – September 30th

A Fresh Field of Life: Artists, Naturalists and the Vision for Acadia is the theme of the MDI Biological Laboratory’s fifth annual Art Meets Science exhibit that features science-inspired work by local, national, and international artists. Concurrent with the centennial celebration of Acadia National Park, this year’s exhibition tells the story of art and science coming together on this island in the 19th century, the founding of a national part and how art and science connect our knowledge in the 21st century.

Featured Art & Science Collaborators

Robyn Ellenbogen with Keven Strange, Ph.D., & Dustin Updike, Ph.D.
Linda Rowell-Kelley with Jane Disney, Ph.D.

Opening Reception > Thursday, July 7th
Preview showing for artists and their guests begins at 4 pm
Open to the public at 5-7 pm

Weekly guided tours > June 21st through September 30th
For more information and to pre-register:

Boston, MA – BGTravelShow

Boston, MA – BGTravelShow

The annual Boston Globe Travel Trade Show opened this weekend on Friday, February 19th at the Seaport World Trade Center. The weekend began with roundtable; ‘speed-dating’ style discussion groups with representatives of top travel destinations around the world. The morning and afternoon was broken up into different groups of destinations, “Wedding, Honeymoon and Group Travel”, “Family and Intergenerational Travel” and finally “Eco and Adventure Tourism”. These discussions are not to be missed as they provide essential information to booking your next vacation or corporate event. As a PR/Media attendee I was after contacts and establishing relationship with professionals whom otherwise I would not have met!12717220_3014200994328_260099795776186647_n

As a lifestyle specialist, a travel trade show is a small piece of heaven. Many booths were giving away merchandise or pamphlets and according to the destination, cultural foods and drinks – one booth even had a rum bar! As the weekend unfolds, there is much merriment to be had with food demonstrations, cultural performances and opportunity making.

The culinary program of events is impressive with two-full days of food demonstrations from top chefs across the world. If you ever wanted to feel like you’re in a cooking show, this is the next best thing! Throughout both days there are impressive dishes for the discerning New Englander’s tongue or they may provide the perfect inspiration for your next dinner party! If you’re not a foodie, that’s okay as the trade show also provides an educational, in-depth and inspiring cultural program with prominent speakers and writers that will help inspire you to pick your next destination.

Everyone’s objective in going to the Boston Globe Travel Trade Show is different. For me it was networking, building relationships, learning, etc. for some it is purely educational, for others mere entertainment. Whatever it is, I will leave you with my top 4 pieces of advice for going to a travel trade show.

1. Arrive Early
Whether you are there for part of your job, or a general attendee, arrive early. Many things that factor into your travel time there and if you get hung up in traffic or have trouble finding a parking spot the extra time will help. This is especially important for professionals, you do not want to be late!

2. Plan Your Objective
What do you hope to accomplish with your time at a travel trade show? Who are your top professionals that you want to speak to? For me, it was sales and PR representatives, those who can invite me to future press trips or provide sponsorships.

3. Prepare Your Promotional Materials
Many sales representatives will present you with promotional and merchandise materials. Creating yours will help you leave a lasting impression as well as show that you are legitimate. It can be as short and sweet as a sell sheet with your products and services, or as in-depth as media kit. But puh-lease, don’t do it the night before. 😉 It can even be as simple as a business card.

4. Be Open
This is an experience! Experience it by trying new things, live a little, as that is what traveling to a new destination is all about! Don’t be afraid to talk to fellow attendees or introduce yourself, the more people you connect, the more opportunity can be made.

Well there you have it! If you are local, regional or even national, the Boston Globe Travel Trade Show is a great affordable event for all travel enthusiasts. It’s like seeing all the world at once in one room!

CAMBRIDGE, MA – ArtScope Mag Mention

CAMBRIDGE, MA – ArtScope Mag Mention


In preparation for the 30. Below exhibit in Cambridge, MA which opened today at the Katheryn Schultz Gallery, Kristi was mentioned for her ‘stark and intriguing’ artwork in ArtScope’s latest issue:

Kristi Beisecker’s “Olivo,” a black and white 22” x 28” photographic image, is stark and intriguing. A stand-alone image that challenges viewers to make sense of what they are seeing, it appears to be time-lapsed in motion with light bursting in multiple directions. A bit organic, a bit alien, floating in a void of darkness, she pushes the limits of traditional print photography.

Thanks so much ArtScope Magazine!



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Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions

Dear Writers,

K Glyphics is looking for contributors to the blog to initiate expansion.

Your article will be advertised on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

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We’re seeking articles in the following categories:

– Exhibition Reviews
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– Beauty
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– Leisure
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– Fashion [clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc.] – Decorating
– Culture
– Creative
– Inspirational Industries (which includes religious and spiritual organizations)

PARIS, FR – Vernissage de l’exposition “GAIA”

PARIS, FR – Vernissage de l’exposition “GAIA”


As usual click the above image to be taken to the facebook album.

Pine Needles hanging.
Pine Needles hanging.


Visite de l’exposition du mairie du 18ème Eric Lejoindre et de la conseillère de Paris Danièle Premel commentée par la commissaire de l’exposition Julia Rajacic / Paris 18th city mayor Eric Lejoindre with the counsillor in charge of popular education Danièle Premel visiting the exhibition with the curator Julia Rajacic

Visit of the exhibition of the hall of the 18th Eric Lejoindre and the adviser of Paris danièle premel commented on by the commissioner of the exhibition Julia Rajacic / Paris 18th City Mayor Eric Lejoindre with the counsillor in charge of popular education danièle premel Visiting the exhibition with the curator Julia Rajacic

CAMBRIDGE, MA – 30 Below

CAMBRIDGE, MA – 30 Below

Olivo was accepted into Cambridge Art Association’s 30 Below exhibition for next January.

Juried by Mary M. Tinti, Curator of the Fitchburg Art Museum
Presented at the Kathryn Schultz Gallery, January 9 – 28, 2016
Award Presented January 14th Reception | Best in Show, $250

About Our Juror
Mary M. Tinti is the curator at the Fitchburg Art Museum (FAM). Tinti is an art historian and curator specializing in modern and contemporary art, with a focus on public art. Prior to her appointment at FAM she was the Koch Curatorial Fellow at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln. ‘Ms. Tinti received her bachelor of arts degree in 2000 from Providence College and a Ph.D in 2008 from Rutgers University. Prior to joining the staff at deCordova, she was the first-ever public art fellow at the New England Foundation for the Arts (2010-2011) and the deputy artistic director of WaterFire Providence (2008-2010).
For more information click here.

30. below : Important Dates
JANUARY 4, 2016: Shipped Artwork Deadline
DECEMBER 12 – JANUARY 7, 2016: In Person Drop – Off
JANUARY 9 – 28, 2016: Show dates
JANUARY 14, 6-9PM: Opening Reception
JANUARY 29TH & 30TH, 11-5PM: End of Show Pick-UP

Congratulations to the accepted artists!

Christopher Abrams Could Cloud 3 Copper Wire, Styrene Plastic 7″LX5″WX4″H $250
Kristi Beisecker Olivo Traditional Photography 22″x28″ $400
Darek Bittner New York #17 Collage 8×10″ $350
Molly Blumberg Clouds For Mountains Handmade Paper, Found Wood 72″x20″x8″ $950
Olivia Boi Hardshape Series #86 Spray Paint and Latex Paint on Canvas 28 x 33″ $500
Carlie Bristow Untitled, part of “Food Landscapes” series Digital Print 16X20 $200
Emily Brodrick Jagged Acrylic Yarns 3’x3′ 1,700
Celine Browning Draw Plastic, Wood 18″x6″x8″ $375
Mia Cross Oleg’s Flowers Oil on Canvas on board 43″ x 36″ $2,000
Elizabeth Ellendwood Building Study 4 Archival Silver Gelatin Print 16×20 $450
Sarah Fagan Organize VII (Daylight Saving Time) Acrylic on Canvas 12 x 12″ $450
Anthony Febo “The Patriot Act” as part of the series “Captain America vs. The Universe” Digital Print 16X20 $150
Emily Garfield Aorta Isles (Cityspace #210) Water-Soluble pencil 24”x32″ $1,250
Aubrey Gauthier Funny enough Wood, Paint and Paper 3″ x 2.75″ $100
Graehound Durner’s Chandelier Mixed Watermedia on Arches Black 44″ x 30″ $2,300
Amanda Hawkins Mount Desert Isle Acrylic 34×36 NFS
Sofie Hodara Drone On Toner Transfer on paper 26 x 42″ $1,200
Alli Keller 23 (Lawn Games) Lithograph 23 x 29.5″ $400
Haley MacKeil Thin Wall, Revealed Linocut 22″ x 30″ $250
Brittany Marcoux The Birthday Tape Archival Inkjet Print 15″ x 19″ $300
Dina Martinelli Zulma Acrylic on Canvas 30″x36″ $300
Norah Remmers Small and Wise #2 Woodblock Print 26.5 X 32.5” $400
Nicole Reynolds Nobody Home Photography Size? $30
Steve Sangapore Virtuality Acrylic on Canvas 44″ x 32″ x 4″ $1,950
Hilary Tait-Norod This Is Personal Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas 36″ x 60″ $3,200

Info from:

Now at Seaporium!

Now at Seaporium!

Beginning November 1st you can find my products in Hyannis, MA at Seaporium, a consignment shop that features local artisans and handmade crafts. A little sampling of what you see here on the website will be found there. We will mention that the price may be adjusted to adhere to the rules of the shop.

Consigning is going to part of the next phase in our plan to expand to gain more customers. If you own a shop, or feel that our products will fit your customer base, email me and we can discuss.

See what Linda has to say,

So hope this very talented young woman agrees to showcase her items here at Seaporium. Her medium is Electrography. She exposes images by using electricity on an object (plant material) on photo sensitive paper. After they’re developed, she changes to positive on her computer. The electricity exposes the water materials of the plants to give you these beautiful photos! How cool is that?

Check out Seaporium on facebook!

Paris, France

Paris, France

I’m super excited to announce that “Pine Needles” and “Pine Needles #2” were accepted into a new exhibition for later this year that will be in the heart of Paris! It’s theme Women and the Environment’s Protection. Intentionally, it is during the international summit for climate change. I know one location is in a city building and a local gallery. Exact information I will release at a later date.

Worcester State University

Worcester State University

science of art postcardv5 (1)_Page_1

Happy to announce “Olivo”, “Water #2” and “Kelp” were accepted into The Art of Science/The Science of Art exhibition at Worcester State University’s Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery.

Please join us Thursday evening, October 22, from 5-7 PM for the opening reception for the show. The exhibition will be on view Oct. 22 – Dec. 3, Tuesday – Friday, 11 -5, and Saturdays, 1-5.

Exhibition | InVision: 2D & 3D Landscape

Exhibition | InVision: 2D & 3D Landscape

The Davis Art Gallery invites you to the opening reception for InVision: 2D & 3D Landscape

Explore the meaning of “Landscape” as more than 80 artists present diverse interpretations of physical, spiritual, cultural, and ecological vistas. Painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, and mixed media will be on display.


September 10, 2015 5:00-7:00pm


Printers Building, 44 Portland Street, 3rd Floor

Worcester, MA 01608

New Show Announcement!

New Show Announcement!


The Rocky Neck Art Colony is pleased and excited to announce the names of the artists whose work will be on display in “Printed, Painted, Folded or Torn: Paperworks” the month-long exhibition, July 2-26, 2015 at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, Gloucester. The juror, Katherine French, Curator and Director Emerita at Danforth Art in Framingham, MA selected 64 works by 44 artists from close to 200 works submitted.

Many thanks to all who entered and let us view the work you submitted. All are invited to attend a reception for the artists on Saturday, July 11, 4-6 PM when the Juror’s Choice selections will be presented. A closing celebration will be held on Sunday, July 26, 4-6 pm, when People’s Choice selections will be recognized.

Selected artists will be contacted shortly with the titles of pieces selected and information about the logistics of the show.


Janet Albert

Justin Barfield

Deborah Barnwell

Kristi Beisecker

Joy Buell

Kevin Carr

Elizabeth Carter

Katherine Coakley

Yhanna Coffin

Mary D. Cole

Christiane Corcelle

Anne Marie Crotty

Kay Dolezal

James Flahaven

Carol Flax

Jean Fogle

Conny Goelz-Schmitt

Sarah Graziano

Mike Grimaldi

Leslie Heffron

Sarah Hulsey

Daniela Hyacinthe

Laura Louise Lester

Karen McCarthy

Ruth Mordecai

Veronica Morgan

Sinikka Nogelo

Kimberly Quint

Lauri Rakoff-Chertok

Ilene Richard

Judith Robinson-Cox

Lisa Russell

Elaine Sapochetti

Carolyn Sirois

Robin Solit

Lorraine Sullivan

Martha L. Swanson

Julia Talcott

Lois Tarlow

Barbara Trachtenberg

Constance Vallis

June Vernon

Timothy Wilson

Philip Young

The Bees Knees – 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center

The Bees Knees – 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center

This past Tuesday I drove 2.5 hours up to Bethlehem, NH to drop off my artwork in the mountains! My pieces, Pine Needles, Pine Needles #2 and Seaweed were accepted into a really cool exhibit called the Bees Knees. The exhibition was focused on bringing awareness to the Bee depopulation and supporting locally organic products and honey. I really wish I could attend the reception because it sounded really interesting, but it is on the first day I am going to be in Italy so I won’t be in the country.

The drive up to Bethlehem, NH was interesting – although long… – it was fun to drive through the Franconcia National Park and see the mountains and valleys and gorges, etc. I hope the weather would be a bit better for pickup day because I would be interested in stopping by some of the sites in that park – it was raining when I drove up to drop them off. I’m sure there will be a formal press release out next week.

2015 Wheaton Biennial: Photography Beyond The Frame Opens At Wheaton College

2015 Wheaton Biennial: Photography Beyond The Frame Opens At Wheaton College

2015 Wheaton Biennial: Photography Beyond The Frame Opens At Wheaton College


The Beard and Weil Gallery at Wheaton College in Norton, MA is pleased to announce the opening of the 2015 Wheaton Biennial: Photography Beyond The Frame on Wednesday, March 4 from 6-8 pm.


Kristen Gresh, the Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Assistant Curator of Photographs at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston acted as juror for the exhibit, which features 45 works of art by 30 American artists.


The gallery will hold an artist talk onMarch 25 at 6:00 pm and will share Voice of the Artist: A lecture by Dimitra Ermeidou on March 31 at 6:30. All events are free, open to the public and accessible to those with disabilities.

The exhibiting artists are:

Trent Davis Bailey (California)
Kristi Beisecker (Massachusetts)
Adina Bricklin (Massachusetts)
Erin Kyle Danna (New York)
Dimitra Ermeidou (Pennsylvania)
Nicholas Fedak II (California)
Jonathan Fischer (California)
Doug Fogelson (Illinois)
John Fraser (Illinois)
Erin Geideman (Ohio)
Ed Grant (New York)
Katherine Gulla (Massachusetts)
Chad Joiner (Massachusetts)
Dean Kessmann (District of Columbia)
Tina Leto (Illinois)
Linda Lindroth (Connecticut)
Matthew Moore (Maryland)
Jennifer Liston Munson (Massachusetts)
Tara Penick (Florida)
Sarah Pollman (Massachusetts)
Ellen Pratte (Rhode Island)
Mike Rebholz (Wisconsin)
Jack Robinson (New York)
Jorge Sanchez (Florida)
John Steck Jr. (Illinois)
Robert Thurlow (Massachusetts)
Rodrigo Valenzuela (Texas)
Gary Wahl (Minnesota)
David Wells (Rhode Island)
Laura Wulf (Massachusetts)


About The Exhibition


Wheaton College cultivates an open spirit of inquiry with a curriculum emphasizing connections across disciplinary boundaries. The 2015 Wheaton Biennial includes the works of photographers whose work reflects a similar spirit of inquiry and a critical reflection on what constitutes the boundaries of the medium in today’s art world.


About The Juror


Juror Kristen Gresh is the Estrellita and Yousuf Karsh Assistant Curator of Photographs at the Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston. Her most recent exhibition was She Who Tells A Story: Women Photographers From Iran And The Arab World. 


About The Galleries


The Beard and Weil Galleries are a vital part of Wheaton’s creative and intellectual life. Exhibitions feature work by contemporary artists in all media, as well as works from Wheaton’s extensive Permanent Collection, spanning ancient Greece to contemporary South Africa. 


The Galleries’ educational mission encompasses all forms of creative expression in an effort to forge meaningful connections between objects and their histories, student and faculty creative work, art historical research, and critical thinking. The crucial role the visual arts play in a liberal arts education is central to the design and focus of our exhibitions.




Photography Beyond The Frame and its corresponding events have been made possible by the generous support of the Wheaton College Friends Of Art. The participation of Dimitra Ermeidou was made possible by the Celeste Gottesman Bartos ’35 Fund For the Visual Arts within the Evelyn Danzig Haas ’39 Visiting Artists Program. 


For further information on the website:

Hyannis, Hyarts Shanty Acceptance

Hyannis, Hyarts Shanty Acceptance

I am really excited about this! My artwork was accepted to do a week in an artist shanty in Hyannis during 4th of July! This is the first time I’ve really got to an opportunity to sell my work in a retail setting. I’ve already started to think about the inventory and such. I still have to sign a contract and start paying for it. The week I have is 6/29-7/5 so I’ll end with July 4th.

Visual Alchemy Press Release

Visual Alchemy Press Release


Fountain Street Fine Art presents


juried by Elizabeth Devlin, founder of Flux-Boston

January 2 –25, 2015

Reception Saturday, January 3, 2014, 57pm

Fountain Street Fine Art in Framingham will host its eighth Juried Show, VISUAL ALCHEMY, from January 2 – 25, 2015. A Reception will be held Saturday, January 3rd from 5-7pm.

Artists were asked to explore “Visual Alchemy: tangible evidence of experimentation, discovery and transformation” and submit artwork in any media that they felt interpreted the theme. Nearly 200 artists from across the country submitted about three hundred works of art. Forty-two pieces by thirty-four artists were selected for inclusion into the show.

Juror Elizabeth Devlin commented that “this was definitely the most difficult “blind” judging I have ever done, which speaks to the quality of applicants. I combed through the entries SO many times, and had to make tough decisions since so many were aesthetically beautiful.”


Fountain Street Fine Art exhibits contemporary work by emerging and mid-career artists that is skillfully executed, exciting and new. Solo shows by member artists alternate with collaborative projects, installations and group shows.


Juror Elizabeth Devlin is an independent curator, art consultant, and founder of FLUX. Boston, an online resource for artists and art enthusiasts in the Boston area and beyond.

Contact:                Cheryl Clinton 508.740.4431 or Marie Craig 774.286.1800

Fountain Street Fine Art, 59 Fountain Street, Framingham MA 01702

GALLERY HOURS Thurs-Sun, 11-5 and by appointment 508-879-4200           


Winter Exhibition News

It’s official! The Fall exhibition season is coming to a close and the results for the winter exhibition season are rolling in! Overall the fall exhibition was active. To recap; the ADA24 Celebration exhibition ended in September, On the Wall at Boston City Hall was in September, Surface and Depth ran from September – November, and Autumn show at the Hive Gallery ran from September – November.

This winter there are few exciting exhibitions taking place.

A.I.R Gallery’s 11th Biennial Exhibition1_Beisecker_Bluebells
I recently posted a press release “Making and Taking Pictures Reconsidered” for the biennial exhibition that Bluebells is apart of. The exhibition runs from December 4th – Jan 4th with a reception on December 4th. My family and I are planning on attending the reception for this exhibition as it is my first major exhibition in NYC!

8_Beisecker_KelpKathyrn Schults Gallery and University Place Gallery
From December 4th, 2014 through January 16th, 2015 – Kelp will be apart of the PLATINUM exhibition celebrating the Cambridge Art Association. The exhibition will be visiting two galleries in Cambridge, MA. The Kathryn Schultz Gallery (25 Lowell Street, Cambridge MA 02138) and the University Place Gallery (124 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge MA 02138). Reception on December 5th from 6pm – 8pm with a closing reception on January 16th from 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

3_Beisecker_PineneedlesFountain Street Fine Art Gallery
Pine Needles was accepted into an exhibition at the Fountain Street Fine Art gallery in Framingham, MA from January 2nd to January 25th with a reception on January 3rd from 5pm – 7pm.

There could be a couple more coming through later in the winter. But I’m excited for these. Last winter was kinda a bust, but my energy was focused in my job and not necessarily my artwork.

Making and Taking: “Pictures” Reconsidered

For immediate release


Making and Taking: “Pictures” Reconsidered

A.I.R. Gallery’s 11th Biennial Exhibition

December 4, 2014 – January 3, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, December 4, 6-9pm Brooklyn, NY – November 2014

Making and Taking: “Pictures” Reconsidered, curated by Nancy Princenthal, is an exhibition of thirty–three artists of diverse backgrounds, from the United States, Canada, and Israel. The exhibition will be on view from December 4, 2014 – January 3, 2015, with an opening reception on December 4th from 6-9pm.

Nancy Princenthal writes: This biennial results from an open invitation to female artists “investigating the intersection of hand produced and photographic pictures.” To dig around a little in the show’s premise, and title: I was thinking, in part, of the old chestnut, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” It is a pronouncement made by Ansel Adams, he of the transcendent Western landscapes, seemingly given to him direct by the gods of sunlight, shadow and wind. But like landscape itself, Adams’s images, he tell us, weren’t there until seen and framed—and then shot, printed, and, we now know, manipulated. We know, too, that manipulated photographs go back to the birth of photography; soft-edged, hazily lit and symbolically rich Pictorialist images of the late nineteenth century were not the first to demonstrate that painterly effects could be achieved with a camera, light-sensitive emulsion, and various darkroom maneuvers. It is a tradition rich with women photographers, from Julia Margaret Cameron and Gertrude Käsebier to Sally Mann.

I found, in (the artwork selected), a widely shared pleasure in mixing the digital and the analog and in violating technical protocols; in reversals, inversions, and shadows, and the representation of things that are not quite there. Photography, for these artists, is often a tool of introspection and of memory; painting a way of gorging on photography, of chewing it up and spitting it back out.

Amy Swartele, SKM in the dungeon, 2014, Mixed media on paper, 20" x 28"
Amy Swartele, SKM in the dungeon, 2014, Mixed media on paper, 20″ x 28″

Artists: Temme Barkin – Leeds, Kristi Beisecker, Susan Carnahan, Sophia Chai, Melissa Cowper-Smith, Erin Kyle Danna, Torrie Fox, Margery Freeman Appelbaum, Rose Frisenda, Kristin Furbeck, Karine Giboulo, Shohreh GolAzad, Susan Hambleton, Jasmine Higbee, Monica Hopenwasser, Donna Anderson Kam, Kharis Kennedy, Jessica Maffia, Erika Mahr, Kate McCammon, Ali Miller, Yasaman Moussavi, Josefa Mulaire, Ilona Pachler, Caroline Parks, Rebecca Shavulsky, Amy Swartele, Sarah West, Amanda Wild, Jeanne Wilkinson, Suly Wolff, Greta Young, Mary Zompetti

* Please note the gallery will be closed for the holidays 12/23/14 – 1/1/15

Nancy Princenthal: Nancy Princenthal is a New York-based critic and former Senior Editor of Art in America, for which she continues to write regularly; other publications to which she has contributed include Artforum, Parkett, the Village Voice, and the New York Times. Her monograph on Hannah Wilke was published by Prestel in 2010; she has also written essays for monographs on Michelle Stuart, Shirin Neshat, Doris Salcedo, Robert Mangold and Alfredo Jaar, among others. She is a co-author of two recent books on leading women artists, including The Reckoning: Women Artists of the New Millennium (Prestel, fall 2013). At present Princenthal is writing a book about Agnes Martin. Having taught at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College; Princeton University; Yale University, RISD, Montclair State University and elsewhere, she is currently on the faculty of the School of Visual Arts.

For all press inquiries, please contact; JoAnne McFarland, Co-Director
A.I.R. GALLERY | 111 Front Street, #228 | Brooklyn, NY 11201 | | (212) 255 6651 | Wed – Sun 12-6pm

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