New Client: CyclePottery

New Client: CyclePottery

During the summer, I connected with Kathryn over at CyclePottery in Florence, MA and we brainstormed on a few graphic designimg_7195-800x1067 projects. This past week we officially got the work off the ground and it’s been reinvigorating working on something new! CyclePottery is a pottery studio that offers workshops, camps, classes and much more. We’ll be working on a-frame poster design, brochure and web site revisions.

Stonington, CT – A Day in the Life of…

Stonington, CT – A Day in the Life of…

Tuesday of this past week, a colleague and fellow entrepreneur invited me to be her assistant for a cover shoot for a luxury magazine that she is building. The team she built was coming from New York to Stonington, CT. She had booked a mansion that was on the market (which was actually right across from Taylor Swift’s!), an up and coming pop star – Kristine Elezaj for a cover girl (who made iHeartRadio’s Top 20 Rising Star competition), fashion designers; Carmen Marcvalvo, Bibhu Mohapatra and Slyvio Kovacic. It was a great day for a shoot.

I woke up very early on Thursday for the cover shoot and drove to my colleague’s house. Then we drove to Stonington, CT for the day. 13533150_3145000224227_2026566947744880184_n

We had gorgeous weather for the shoot and it was fun to meet and network with like-minded individuals and creatives. Sometimes if you are not living in New York or LA it’s hard to network with the right crowd. I don’t have any connections in the creative industry in New York so it was great for me to network with these people but also to have this experience. I hope something will come out of it! FullSizeRender

As an assistant of my colleague, I got to help out with the little things; a main job was to hold the reflectors for the different looks and shoots, but also to take behind the scenes pics and other miscellaneous things. I’d love to do more things like this. It’s a nice balance of contributing and being a part of a major production. Maybe something I can add to my repertoire of my visual marketing brand.

The biggest surprise and fun of it all was literally the day after the shoot, I woke up to find my instagram feed from the people I’ve followed from the shoot flooded with press buzzing about it! The photos were featured on Enquirer, OK, Star and Radar magazines.

Check out my behind the scenes short:

Interview with Meghan Widger, textile and fiber artist

Interview with Meghan Widger, textile and fiber artist

Interview with Meghan Widger, textile and fiber artist

In the past 6 months I had the pleasure of working on a collaboration with another artist. While I work with other people consistently in my visual marketing career, I never thought to work with others in my personal artwork. I’ve been in a collaborative mood lately, and decided to take a page out of what many people on instagram and social media do – collaborate! 12985347_3074752308073_8999664223126705948_n

I had been following Meghan Widger, or Hills and Thread on instagram for awhile, as I admired her work and skill with fabric and quilting. Then an idea struck me as I was working with the mandala form with my images and thought that they’d look awesome with a quilting technique, closely linked to traditional tapestries, so I reached out to her and we scheduled a Skype meeting.

One of the things I love the most about the internet is being able to network and connect with other like minded individuals. I, for one, wouldn’t have a career, if it weren’t for the internet, or maybe I would but it wouldn’t be where it is today. Anyway, I’ve successfully used the internet for networking and collaborations regarding my work, and when done ‘right’ can be a really amazing tool to help you in proceed your career.

I’ve sat down with Meghan Widger, owner of Hills and Thread and asked her a few questions about the work she does today.

10300425_3033096746710_6723044646097716898_n1. What made you start the work you do today?
As far as I can remember, I’ve always loved creating. But my sewing journey started at age 14. I got really hooked on the show Project Runway and just felt like I wanted to do what the designers did. I felt a spark, like this was something I could be good at. I wanted to learn, so my awesome parents gifted me with a sewing machine. I taught myself to use it and designed my own garments. However my interested shifted from fashion design to quilting, and has been evolving and expanding ever since.

2. Do you have a vision, goal, or destination in the work you do?
My main destination is to someday teach my own workshops. I want to teach people not only the skills and knowledge to sew or paint, but how to enjoy the process and how therapeutic it can be. I’d also like to travel around to display and sell my work at different festivals and shows. Basically I just want to learn, share, and teach.

3. What did you enjoy about working with me/us?
I enjoyed getting to know a new artist and learning about your Electrography project. Collaborating two completely different skills and talents is such a fun experience. Not only did I learn a lot from you but I also gained a lot of inspiration from this project! 3_Beisecker_Pineneedles

4. What do you do outside of when you’re not designing/creating?
I spend most of my time creating. If I’m not sewing then I’m painting or making something else. But If I’m not making something then I’m taking care of my plants, practicing yoga, or listening to music/podcasts. I love being outside, reading/writing, and thrift store shopping.

5. What made you start Hills and Thread?
Starting Hills and Thread was actually a huge step for me. As an introverted person who used to be painfully shy, I never liked to draw attention to myself and was never one to show off my work. I realized that starting my own business would be constantly challenging me to go outside my comfort zone and, in turn, help me evolve and grow. It took a lot for me to just start posting things I made on social media for exposure, then I was terrified of starting an Etsy shop. But every time you do something that scares you, you take control and the fear loses its power little by little. I decided I wanted to overcome as many fears as possible not only for myself, but to inspire others to do the same.

I, myself, enjoyed working with Meghan and Hills and Thread and look forward to see how this project develops. We have plans to develop our collaboration down the road, possibly supporting a cause that helps Kenyan women through sewing and other awesome ideas. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, or a new home decor piece; check out our work at at: SHOP K GLYPHICS ( and Hills and Thread (

Be on the lookout for future articles by Kristi which will feature ‘tips and tricks for artists to get ahead,’ Artwork ‘currently on view,’ Projects ‘in the studio,’ Travel Stories ‘on the road and in the air,’ and finally ‘lifestyle’ adventures. You can find more about Kristi, and her work on her blog:

The Final Verdict

The Final Verdict

I have no toleration for art theft; NONE whatsoever. While you may or may not have intentionally stole it, it doesn’t matter. The fact of the matter is the new logo and the old one are too similar to be accused of otherwise. The fact that there was no communication to me from point A) our last discussions of the project to point B) where you posted your new logo on facebook has led me to believe that you stole the main concepts; stole most of my efforts.

Yeah, the crystal and the colors may have been your ideas… but the circle and the layout and everything else was my creation. But ideas are subjective and are not copyrighted. I made it happen, therefore the work is mine and I never passed off the logo to you for you to use in any shape or form. NEVER.

Oh and your reaction? Extremely childish; blocking me on all social media and returning my items is a slap in the face.  The fact that you gave me a list of businesses when I left Northampton where you didn’t want me to drop your name, should have been a big sign.

And my blog? You knew I wrote here, knew that I write about my life and what happens with it. It’s how I document my life. But posting the blog is NO different than you posting your new logo without letting me know you went on to a different designer.

Another fact of the matter is, that you claim I was frustrating. No point in our communications indicated you were frustrated. You requested a change, so I made it. To accuse me going too far with the changes, is ridiculous. To say your artist friend ‘surprised you’ is ridiculous. You may have had a barter, but the logo was something in addition to. To accuse me or make any other reasoning in this, is ridiculous. Anything else you say sounds like an excuse.

I spoke to 5 of my creative friends who work in this industry and surrounding ones and they say you stole it. One of them came up to me and said she commented on the post you made public on your FACEBOOK. I never accused you stealing publicly. Yet, you took this publicly. CHILDISH. You wrote in an email the public post was not something how you’d normally deal with things; so why post it in the first place? And you claimed you could post all the communications and whatever to show the world? Well guess what, visuals matter and the thing is they’re too similar to be accused of otherwise, my friends would’ve agreed and stood-up for me.

I tried to be a responsible and negotiable adult with you. Tried to negotiate with you to take down the logo and in return I’d take down the blog post. Yet, you terminated communication to me and threw my items back at me. Then keep telling me that you’ll go in a different direction of the ‘professional’ logo? Hun, I am a professional. I’ve worked with other PAYING companies; you never paid me anything. But you can’t negotiate with a child.

So I reported a copyright infringement to facebook and they took it down. My negotiation remains the same. I will leave the original blog post up until you take any traces of your new logo down.

This is the last I will ever speak and post about this. I have other more important things to do.



I feel the only way to be credited and redeemed in this situation is to post this to my blog. Typically, I would let this go, but since this is kind of a serious issue where I feel that a knife was stabbed in my back, it is the best way.

About a year ago one of my business-owning friends put out a call for logos on their facebook page where the payment was merchandise from their shop. Since the shop was up my alley as a designer and artist, I figured it was worth a shot.

I am paranoid about copyright and stealing since it’s so easy to do so on the internet, I decided to not post the original to the competition post on her business page so sent it to her privately.

She really liked my logo and exclaimed how much she liked my work, so she decided to cancel the competition and would award me the merchandise and use my logo. We continued to work on the draft and revised it a bit. There are now several drafts from the original competition entry. I got the feeling that she didn’t want to pay the merchandise to me right away and through her comments decided that we wait a bit so she can have more ideas. A few months ago, I messaged her again after it had been awhile since we worked on it and she said it wasn’t on her radar. OK, I respect your schedule and that you have a busy life.

Logo her friend made

Just a few days ago, my business friend posted the left logo to her page exclaimed that this season was a good time for change, and that she was ‘surprised’ by a friend with this logo.

I sat in SHOCK. Because the colors, layout and format of this logo is the exact same from the logo draft my friend and I left off with; just a crude version of it.

Logo I made and where we left off

I immediately messaged my friend about this and asked, “Why is this here when the last thing you told me was ‘it wasn’t on your radar?”

She responded with COMPLETE AND UTTER NONESENSE. I’m sorry, but I DO not buy what my friend told me.

NO ONE gets this close on the first try… NO ONE!

My friend responded with this…

It wasn’t on my radar, I am doing a barter with a friend for her wedding jewelry. And she surprised me with a logo that fit what I was looking for. I didn’t ask for a logo it just kinda happened. She is doing some photography for my website. I remember we were working on it, in that moment it wasn’t what I was looking for. This was just a pleasant surprise that someone had made for me. It was no disrespect to you or what you do and it wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings. Im really sorry thats how you feel. Like I said it wasn’t my intention for this to happen or for your feelings to be hurt.

I brought up this incident with a few of my friends and they told me that she probably said that as to avoid an issue with me.

I’m SORRY I DO NOT BUY WHAT YOU SAID. After months of not communicating with me and explaining to me about what you do and don’t want with a logo, you realize that we can work out these issues as a team?! That’s the whole point of working with a designer. WE AREN’T SUPPOSED TO READ YOUR DAMN MIND.

New Project: Quilt Mandalas

New Project: Quilt Mandalas

Last summer I participated in the Hyarts Artist Shanty program in Hyannis, MA. Since then I have maximized my experience by writing down inspiration, tidbits and things people have said to me, that came to my mind and random things. I usually do this with action-packed experiences because if I have a lot on my mind I tend to forget it!

While working on this experience I experimented a little bit with my artwork on clothing and I really like how it turned out. It was really sell-able as well and seems to be the most cost effective way to produce artwork prints. However, getting into clothing manufacturing is a bit tricky. I’m not a seamstress and can hardly cut a straight line so I wouldn’t be the one making the clothes. I have to find a manufacturer that will do private labeling… essentially I design the clothing and claim it, but it will be manufactured in a factory, or something like it. Part of me wants to collaborate with others on the fashion line but part of me doesn’t want to split the credit…sounds selfish but I want it to make it my own, but without doing the dirty work! Only because it’ll just be another thing to be added onto my plate so I want to focus on what matters, the artwork.

So, I started searching on instagram for artists whose work will mix well with my owIMG_0272n. Since my mandalas fit the hippy, new agey vibe and I’ve been wanting to market to this crowd more. I connected with a fiber artist and designer from Missouri whose done some awesome incredible things. She made a whole bunch of bags, filled them with school supplies and then sent them off to a non-profit organization – Generation Next, for students in Africa.

She owns a small etsy based business called, Hills and Thread, and designs bags and other fabric based items with quilting techniques.  I contacted her if she wanted to collaborate and she was ecstatic to! We skyped the following week and came up with a bunch of ideas. It’s nice seeing my work in a different form with color and in a completely different light.

We have other plans to expand this project if successful. BUT I’m happy with the current progress.


New Client: Diane Darling

New Client: Diane Darling

Meet my newest client, Diane Darling.

We will be working on a direct mail project with Diane. Helping her audience be directed to her website after presentations.

Diane Darling knows the value of relationships and how to build them. The author of McGraw-Hill’s definitive book on networking,The Networking Survival Guide. Diane speaks and trains thousands of people each year on ways to build relationships, leading to opportunities and growth. She believes that now, more than ever, in today’s fast-paced competitive world, anyone can leapfrog their way to successful relationships once they master the art of networking.

Bliss Logo Re-Design BC WIP

Bliss Logo Re-Design BC WIP

I have been working hard on the marketing materials for Bliss and I’m excited with the progress we’ve done so far. I am posting these updates on my personal blog because I want to post finished pieces on K Glyphics.

A few weeks ago, we finalized the Bliss re-design logo and now we’re working on the business cards.

Bliss-woboxThe concept behind this logo was found through inspiration from Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs of the lotus flower. The flower motif is important to Bliss, as when the woman go through this program, they blossom from a rough point in their lives overcoming violence into an empowered woman who has honed skills.

The colors were also inspired by the Ancient Egyptian palette. We originally thought orange was a too corporate feeling, but chose as shade of orange that was a bit subdued to match the earth vibe of the brand’s image.


The logo initially started with a dozen or so sketches and then photographed and uploaded. The sketch to the right was the last one we worked on before it was outlined in Illustrator and colored in in photoshop. I find it easier to do color effects in photoshop than in Illustrator so it was just personal preference on that choice.

1463914_642331162485875_1415535763_nWe were pleased with the outcome of the logo and like the complexity of the logo as it can be broken down into different parts to be used in future aspects of the brand, so the rest of the branding image can have some flexibility.  We also adored the final shape of the logo as it was reminiscent of the old logo, but a more updated – fresh look.

We’re working on finalizing the business card and perhaps hope to have it completed in the coming week.

11143708_2906519222351_499207424530265154_o The business card I had been struggling with since I haven’t done a non-standard size before. I am currently working on perfecting the piece, making sure every detail is just right! When you’re in this field, there are certain details that you pick up as a graphic designer that most people wouldn’t even consider but makes a world of a difference. We’re considering a laser-cut cover for example, or the inside cover should match up with the right fold flap… those things.

New Project: Custom Clothiers

New Project: Custom Clothiers

Last Friday, I came home from the cape to meet with Harry from Custom Clothiers in downtown Wellesley Hills. I saw the posting for Window Design/Dressings on craigslist and thought it would be an interesting addition to what I already do. He also seemed interested in graphic work as well. I meet with him on Monday again to test out a design to see where things go.

New Client: Style for Bliss

New Client: Style for Bliss

I recently had the opportunity to present my portfolio and proposal for a social-enterprise brand based in Marlborough, MA. They are part of the UN and help train women with marketable skills in jewelry design to change their lives. Our proposal was to conceptualize a package design concept for their jewelry brand – Style for Bliss. When I got the invitation to present my portfolio, I was stoked as their work is right up K Glyphics’ alley. I spent a few minutes researching jewelry packaging and drove quickly down to Michael’s to purchase some packaging supplies to put together a few prototypes – and it definitely paid off!

The creative director of Style for Bliss and I spoke for 2 hours about their work, my work and the proposal. The over all the presentation went way better than I anticipated as that is always a good thing. As the CD and I got talking and sharing our ideas she ended up really liking my portfolio and proposal and said I was her favorite :).

I am happy to announce that my proposal was accepted for their Packaging Designer position! My role will be to develop and design a package for their jewelry that communicates their brand through design and materials. I am excited to take on this endeavor as it is something entirely new to my skill set and for K Glyphics. But there is a lot of growth and opportunities from this.

Hyarts, MA – Hyarts Shanty Week!

Hyarts, MA – Hyarts Shanty Week!

People are buying! I’m so excited. Tuesday and Wednesday have been the best days. I think Thursday is going to be a harder day to sell, so far it’s been pretty slow. I’m hoping this weekend will make up for it. There’s been a lot of interest and I’ve been handing out my rack cards and have gotten a few online orders. One person asked for my online shop. So that’s great. One person was really interested in buying Pine Needles #2 and he may come back later. He happened to work in Wellesley! I’m happy with how this week is going so far. Trying different things with my products and see where it goes. It’s just lovely sitting here by the water on the harbor. :) And I get internet access! So I can get caught up on all my marketing and internet work. :)

Artisan’s Asylum

Artisan’s Asylum

Thursday I met with Jesa Damora of Funnelcake Marketing for a critique and get the ball rolling on forming a solid general proposal application for my projects. She showed me a tour of Artisan’s Asylum where her desk was and it is quite an amazing experience! I’m tempted to request space, but since I hope to move out, I’m not sure if it’s the best time for me right now. While I love the community aspect, I like to work alone as I can express myself the way I need to without people getting in the way.  But I need access to equipment for certain projects but they do have day passes and short-term memberships which is great so I think I’ll look into that.

Florenza with Love

Florenza with Love


Monday and Tuesday of this week I worked with the film crew in Florenza. Tuesday I made an appearance in the movie… Monday I worked behind the scenes and most of my free time earlier this week was taken up by them. It was awesome working on a movie in a different culture and the story is interesting as well. Click the above image to see more photos on the K Glyphics facebook page.

Product Photoshoot

Product Photoshoot

Today I went to Lincoln Woods Park in Rhode Island and did a photoshoot with a lovely model named Morgan. The shoot really came together and I LOVE how the photos came out! These will be used on the website and printed materials for the shanty (and future opportunities) this summer. Stay tuned for the edited versions in a few weeks! I have a set edited already which you may see a preview of on instagram, but I am not quite sold on it.

Bow and Arrow Press

Bow and Arrow Press

I apologize for the lack of updates but this month I took a class on the letterpress at Harvard and it was an intense crash course, 4 hours a day for 4 days for 3 weeks straight. Waking up at 6 am finally caught up with me this week… but the class is over! So next week will be back to regular schedule. I have posted below a few images my letterpress instructor took of the work that was done. The pic below is of the background of a poster I did of Carl Sagan’s “We are star stuff which has taken its destiny into its own hands”… as a conclusion of the class, I am now ‘officially’ trained on the letterpress and can attend the Open Press Nights on Wednesdays during the spring semester. So now I think I know what I’ll be doing on my wednesday nights :)



Believe! in the things you can do

Believe! in the things you can do

This is more apt for a New Year’s post, but I feel inspired to write it now. I keep a physical journal on my desk with the word “Believe” on it that I have stored away for use for writing down project ideas. My intention is to use it as an idea journal. But this is for projects only, not necessarily for career goals and accomplishments. I’m getting a better sense of my direction as an artist, where my artwork falls and who appreciates it, and what to do with it and as a result finding opportunities that are more apt to my interests as an artist.

I believe in the spoken word rule, meaning if I speak it before I have solid foundation on the opportunity, I more often than not will loose that chance! So I have given up on the Art Contest series that I was doing in the fall and will just keep quiet on the things that I do submit to – these opportunities below I have no submitted to but plan to.

On facebook there is a nice way to save links now and I have been saving things that I want to do as an artist in the future – gives me ideas to keep busy!

Read more


10864787_735021453240879_1938084366_nI’m getting really excited for some the things I’ve been doing at work. I started to work on a product catalog but that catalog will be in a more artistic slight than interior design/’professional’. The website for them is going well too and I’m excited to see that taking shape.

It’s interesting working for someone whose so visual because I’m so used to working with people who aren’t as visual. It’s nice in a way because usually when I show him the work I do, he generally likes it. When I try to explain it to him sometimes the idea doesn’t come across as appealing as when I translate it into visuals. When I work on a project, I look for that. When the client starts to not like what I’m translating into visuals, that’s when the project starts to fail and crumble. I think it’s also because he has a clear idea of where the direction of the store is heading in and based on my design style and his idea it’s a good fit.

I had a phone interview yesterday with a start-up travel/lifestyle blogger position. I reached out to them because I wanted to get more experience in this area of my skills. And I figured a start-up would be a good place for that. I am also in the middle of doing an infographic for another blogging position and recently reconnected with a design group out in philly for a project to start in January. Lots of things going on!

Experimentation in Mixed Media

Experimentation in Mixed Media

Since my residency in CA I had been pouring over videos of mixed media artists on youtube and realized that it is not that much different from the way I design in photoshop and in general. My mom does cardmaking so she already had a lot of the supplies. I’ve also been looking for something to keep my mind off a few things and just to have fun. I think mixed media is the way to go! I’m definitely planning on making more this weekend. :)

10805828_2632418289999_6382939626334654549_n 10177292_2632417369976_5411411765692315768_n 1467472_2632418890014_2289211463862404163_n

Ayatana Research Program

Ayatana Research Program

From Sunday September 28th to Saturday October 4th, I’ll be at Pine and Birch Retreat here in Ottawa, CA for the Ayatana Research Group residency. I’ll post infrequently, if not at all throughout the week. I need sometime to unplug and reground and figured this week would be a perfect opportunity.  I quite honestly don’t know what to expect, but I hope I come out of this program as a more enlightened artist!

Abandoned Warehouse Enfield

Abandoned Warehouse Enfield

Whenever I need to get out of the house just to do something, I’ve been known to take a drive around the neighborhood. I’ve done this a few times since Minuteman and ran across an old abandoned warehouse in Enfield, CT that is up for sale. I thought it would make an interesting nature vs. man series. I also saw using Instagram filters for it. Something about the lighting, coloring and area seemed fit for it. :)  Below are my results.


10561111_694820670554432_140603925_n                        10554228_768785703184703_1377139570_n

10499273_265987166941171_674384732_n                        10522267_694121703986990_856739551_n


Design: Printed Materials for A Solo Show: Electrolyte!

Last night I printed out the designed materials for A Solo Show: Electrolyte! I’m trying to think of EVERYTHING lol. The gift bags aren’t included here as they haven’t been completely made yet and I don’t have good photos of them. I will take more photos on setup day.


6 labels for each print; includes dimensions, price and description


A price list, containing a longer description for each series. 3 series of 2. Business cards and labels.


Another view of the price list with the guestbook in the background.


A view of the business cards.

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