Stonington, CT – A Day in the Life of…

Stonington, CT – A Day in the Life of…

Tuesday of this past week, a colleague and fellow entrepreneur invited me to be her assistant for a cover shoot for a luxury magazine that she is building. The team she built was coming from New York to Stonington, CT. She had booked a mansion that was on the market (which was actually right across from Taylor Swift’s!), an up and coming pop star – Kristine Elezaj for a cover girl (who made iHeartRadio’s Top 20 Rising Star competition), fashion designers; Carmen Marcvalvo, Bibhu Mohapatra and Slyvio Kovacic. It was a great day for a shoot.

I woke up very early on Thursday for the cover shoot and drove to my colleague’s house. Then we drove to Stonington, CT for the day. 13533150_3145000224227_2026566947744880184_n

We had gorgeous weather for the shoot and it was fun to meet and network with like-minded individuals and creatives. Sometimes if you are not living in New York or LA it’s hard to network with the right crowd. I don’t have any connections in the creative industry in New York so it was great for me to network with these people but also to have this experience. I hope something will come out of it! FullSizeRender

As an assistant of my colleague, I got to help out with the little things; a main job was to hold the reflectors for the different looks and shoots, but also to take behind the scenes pics and other miscellaneous things. I’d love to do more things like this. It’s a nice balance of contributing and being a part of a major production. Maybe something I can add to my repertoire of my visual marketing brand.

The biggest surprise and fun of it all was literally the day after the shoot, I woke up to find my instagram feed from the people I’ve followed from the shoot flooded with press buzzing about it! The photos were featured on Enquirer, OK, Star and Radar magazines.

Check out my behind the scenes short:

CAMBRIDGE, MA – ArtScope Mag Mention

CAMBRIDGE, MA – ArtScope Mag Mention


In preparation for the 30. Below exhibit in Cambridge, MA which opened today at the Katheryn Schultz Gallery, Kristi was mentioned for her ‘stark and intriguing’ artwork in ArtScope’s latest issue:

Kristi Beisecker’s “Olivo,” a black and white 22” x 28” photographic image, is stark and intriguing. A stand-alone image that challenges viewers to make sense of what they are seeing, it appears to be time-lapsed in motion with light bursting in multiple directions. A bit organic, a bit alien, floating in a void of darkness, she pushes the limits of traditional print photography.

Thanks so much ArtScope Magazine!

Plenilune Magazine

10557026_599295116854848_2957844685832141575_oI have been waiting to post this, but I am very excited to have two never before published/exhibited works and my paper on Kirlian Photography be published in this up and coming magazine. I never thought that I’d have writing published, but they were looking for articles and decided to send my paper over! I’m very excited about this because this next issue will also include works by some of my favorite creatives that I admire! The issue won’t be out until December.

NYSAI Press and Weasel Press



NYSAI Press publishes Staten Island based literary journals featuring artists and writers with distinct voices in a borough forgotten.

We are city, we are suburbia; we are deformed, we are beautiful; we are America, and we are forever cut from the mainland. We are NYSAI Press and pledge to present it all, break it down, fuck it up, and move it forward because we can and we know you can too.

“Fern” was recently accepted for publication in NYSAI a literary magazine based on Staten Island in New York! It is also a print magazine as well and the following locations in New York carry it:

120 Bay Cafe
Beans and Leaves Coffee and Tea Cafe
Deep Tanks Studio
Everything Goes Book Cafe & Neighborhood Stage
Everything Goes Thrift & Vintage
Jim Hanley’s Universe
New York Public Library (various SI locations)
Pepper Jack Grill
Richmond Hood Co.
Staten Island Dance & Arts Center
Staten Island LBGT Center
The Studio


Weasel Press

About Weasel Press
Weasel Press is a new independent publisher still figuring things out in the literary world. We’re dedicated in seeking quality writers and helping them get a voice in an already loud world. We’re a little rusty at the moment since things are still under construction, but we hope to build a great reputation!

Our first publication was Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones, a literary magazine that is still printing and still growing. From there we’ve grown into a few other titles. This past year we’ve released two issues of Vagabonds, partnered with Mind Steady Productions to bring an electric issue of Open Mind, and dove into the darker world with The Haunted Traveler. We’ve got a lot of plans for the near future, so stick around and watch us grow into something awesome!

“Kelp” and “Bluebells” were accepted into this cool Anthology:

Degenerates: Voices for Peace
Weasel Press is now calling for submissions for a poetry and arts anthology called Degenerates: Voices for Peace. The purpose of the project is to awaken, enlighten and maybe even provide a bit of shelter to those who need it. Poetry has some immense power in the world, either through healing its readers or inspiring them to become involved. We’re looking for Poetry, Photography, Artwork, Prose Poetry, etc with passion. We need to be able to feel and experience your work. There is a wealth of social justice and other topics that we are looking at to put this anthology together. Things such as: Bullying, sexuality, Homelessness, Free Speech, Animal Rights, Rape Culture, and much more. Artwork and written work does not have to be strictly political but must address something that would be a voice for peace

‘Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal


‘Flowers’ was accepted into the Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal for the November issue.

Hermeneutic Chaos Literary Journal

Hermeneutic Chaos will publish six literary editions in a year, in the months of January, March, May, July, September & November.

​​​It seeks to engage with poetry and prose that evade the limitations of genre and celebrate the commotion of the liminal space. In this regard, we are highly selective, and present only the best poetry and fiction available to us.

​We look for beautifully handcrafted semantic mindscapes which provoke secluded emotions to emerge and clash with words with all their infinite capacities, making them perspire. We wish to witness the manner in which the absence finds its presence by wringing the silence. All this, however, with a certain aesthetic humility.

Bitterzoet Magazine

fccea9_eb4cd45a263a4cb68a651ff2c6febc17.jpg_srz_p_480_658_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzMy artwork was accepted into an indie magazine called Bitterzoet Magazine! Very excited.

About Bitterzoet.

If nothing else, our press is about the heart. Each issue should bring about a sense of connection and matters of the shared human experience. We want to foster a love triangle between the reader, the author, and the words. In reading Bitterzoet (pronounced Bitter -“joot”), we hope to invoke the ideas presented in Anne Carson’s essays on Eros and the Bittersweet. We publish a mostly bi-monthly online magazine and ‘bonbon’ chapbooks throughout the year.

Also got some exciting news about another publication that my artwork was accepted into. I’ll give more details once it’s been finalized!

Cactus Heart Press

Yay!! My second publication with my artwork. I was notified this week that my “Flowers” was accepted into their upcoming issue. Below is the cover of their last issue:Cactus-Heart-Issue-8-cover-small

About Cactus Heart:

When I was entertaining the idea of starting a literary magazine, the name Cactus Heart got lodged in my brain and refused to move. I’m a lover of all plant-life, but the ones that most grab my attention are those bizarre survivalists of the desert: the cacti. Crack one open (if you dare) and find the juicy pulse of what’s inside – the cactus’s heart.

Cactus Heart is, of course, a metaphor for how I believe literature and art should be. It should shock and wound and delight us; it should fill us with delight and terror and mystery. It should survive.

And so Cactus Heart, an e-literary journal, began. The tagline is spiny exterior, succulent interior, and I take that to heart when I consider the work I publish within. I am devoted to spiny writing & art—sharp, relentless, coursing with energy and able to thrive in the harshest of places, all while maintaining a vulnerable, succulent interior.

More Press and Scams

il_570xN.610840771_owr8My typical ‘work day’ consists of internet crawls to find artist and exposure opportunities. I spend a couple of days a month doing this because you never know what you might miss!

Recently my artwork was accepted into two publications: Brown Rice Magazine and ICA Publishing both of which are based out of New York. They are both print publications.

Brown Rice Magazine is a self-published and ad-free healthy food zine featuring recipes, food lit, personal essays, tutorials, art, and more. The zine will be distributed locally in NYC and sold online for a small fee.


ICA Publishing also accepted my artwork, but upon further investigation on the company it turns out to be a scam. To be a TRUE opportunity you shouldn’t have to pay-to-play… (In/Finite Earth wasn’t a pay-to-play) unless they state that the fees are for administration purposes, or goes to the prizes of the competition, etc. I shouldn’t have to buy two books of a publication that I was asked to be in! So disappoint. And the pay-to-play isn’t the normal affordable $10-$50 participation fee of most art competitions/exhibitions I submit work to… they were asking $232 upfront.

ICA Publishing kind of reminds me of the exhibition I participated in Marfa, TX. It was with The Biennial Project, which I appreciate what they do as their mission, but at the same time digital exhibitions are a bit of a scam as well. It was $35 for like three images I think. Which wasn’t bad, during the after math of the event, they never posted photos of the big screen which the artwork displayed and only team photos of their trip to Marfa, TX. Hmm… seems like someone is just trying to make money to go traveling while ‘supporting artists’..

For more information on ‘art scams’ the ARTBUISNESS website has some great information.

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