Art by James Wardell
Art by James Wardell

The following article was one that came up recently on my facebook feed via Orion Magazine. It’s posting couldn’t be timelier with my residency in Greve. I have taken a lot of inspiration so far, so much so it’s taking me a couple of days to get through this article! I have never run across an article so inspiring before.

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Ayatana Research Program

Ayatana Research Program

From Sunday September 28th to Saturday October 4th, I’ll be at Pine and Birch Retreat here in Ottawa, CA for the Ayatana Research Group residency. I’ll post infrequently, if not at all throughout the week. I need sometime to unplug and reground and figured this week would be a perfect opportunity.  I quite honestly don’t know what to expect, but I hope I come out of this program as a more enlightened artist!

What a Shaman See’s In a Mental Hospital

What a Shaman See’s In a Mental Hospital

This is one of the most enlightening articles I’ve read in awhile regarding Mental Illness… and it makes SO much sense from this point of view and what is happening around me. This enlightenment has been having me thinking that one of the things that I’ve always wanted to do is go to an indigenous culture or village and learn to become a shaman:

In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé.  Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born.

What those in the West view as mental illness, the Dagara people regard as “good news from the other world.”  The person going through the crisis has been chosen as a medium for a message to the community that needs to be communicated from the spirit realm.  “Mental disorder, behavioral disorder of all kinds, signal the fact that two obviously incompatible energies have merged into the same field,” says Dr. Somé.  These disturbances result when the person does not get assistance in dealing with the presence of the energy from the spirit realm.

Damanhur Federation

Damanhur Federation

I know I have blogged about the Damanhur Federation located in Italy before on this blog, but more and more I’m starting to see it as a prime destination to the continuation of my research. For those who aren’t sure what I research… I research how conscious reality sustains itself through light, sound and vibration. I try and answer questions as to how physical reality is created and sustained… as scientists look through a microscope into matter all they see are atoms and space but yet, our world is full of living breathing organisms. Yes, there are other things that factor into the reality around us (our brains, for example). Recently, scientists have just figured out how to make matter from light. Awhile ago I read an article about how a neurosurgeon was able to reproduce the effects of a coma… in which he experienced a ‘heaven’ like reality. Although, dangerous as one can ‘loose’ themselves in the coma and can never wake, it provides more evidence into the reality that we live in every day. The way this neurosurgeon was able to reproduce the same effect, was through sound. If sound can alter our current conscious reality into something else, shouldn’t that lead to something?

But the next question is… how to get myself to Damanhur! Grants yes, I suppose I need to do some research on grants for independent researchers and such or try to convert my research into an art project.

The Journal of Paramanu: the science and research of light, vibration and form!

layout-coverThe Journal of Paramanu – the science and research of light, vibration and form is an ongoing investigation of the reality that we live in. This is a collection of well-researched articles with scientific basis supporting a well thought-out theory.

I’m so excited! I finally figured out the most appropriate way to publish my writings. I’ve been subscribing to some research journals such as the Rosicrucian Digest and the Journal of Borderland Research and concluded my writings are fit for a research journal type publication.

Since the research changes all the time, having multiple volumes would be really beneficial.

I am still working on the table of contents but I’ve started on writing it too and gathering my blog posts and writings and such and starting to put them all together.

My goal is to have a physical printed copy at the end of the year.

Melatonin Update

I was talking to my co-designer at work about my first night with melatonin and my boss already began noticing a difference the following day. And this was without my thyroid medication – imagine what it would be like WITH my thyroid medication + my salt lamp!

I was also thinking about my sensitivity to light and my psychic ability. The psychic ability is said to be activated through the third-eye which is known as the pineal gland in the brain in the body. When you’re psychic the pineal gland is always active, it is ‘always’ on as in some traditions it’s believed to be the ‘seat of the soul’ and other things associated with it. Since it produces electrical activity when active, I have personally felt it vibrate – especially when I’m about to go to sleep. In normal people, the eye is shut at night as it produces the melatonin that helps make you sleep. I think since my pineal gland is always active it never really has a chance to keep up with producing the melatonin that I need in order to sleep. When in darkness, the eye is shut and produces melatonin – when in the daylight, the eye is awake and the melatonin tapers off. Light activates the pineal gland.

How I found out about the Melatonin Deficiency in the first place is through the full moon. The full moon is illuminated by the Sun which produces a huge amount of Negative Ions. At night, these ions pass through our atmosphere and become polarized which creates Positive Ions. As stated in an article I found, “Hormonal reactions to increased positive ions in the air (Full Moon Effect) cause hyperactivity, depression, violent behavior, road rage, higher occurrences of migraines and asthma.”. This increase of positive ions initiates serotonin to be produced.

The article quotes a leading Israeli Doctor that says, “serotonin is not found in the urine of “normal” people except when they are under considerable emotional stress or anxiety.” Considering the huge amount of emotional distress I have been in for the past year and a half or so I am NOT surprised to read this. The article further states, “In the 25% of the general population during higher positive ion ratios, short term increase in productivity occurs (attributed to hyperactive adrenaline production). After extended exposure or duration to positive ions, this increase in productivity quickly turns into poor performance (attributed to a weakened or exhausted adrenaline gland).” Earlier the same article states, “Bank employees went from an error rate of 2.5% before negative ion generators were installed, to an error rate of 0.5% while working in negative ion enriched air.” Well then, it’s not a surprise that I am making mistakes. But not being able to recover from my mistakes quickly enough makes sense as well.

BUT there’s another side of this.

An article from the Chicago Tribune wrote about how the blue light associated to the monitors keep regular citizens from producing melatonin, “Because blue light is especially prominent in daylight, our bodies associate it with daytime, which may be why exposure to blue light can make us more alert and improve our response times. It also has been shown to suppress melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate sleep and is not produced during the day.” So I guess, it’s really no surprise that since I stare at a monitor all day pretty much 24/7 that I am experiencing a melatonin deficiency.

And the positive ion thing is interesting too, because that triggers serotonin the hormone that supposedly that helps you regulate certain parts of your brain. High levels of serotonin initiates things such as, “Appetite cycles, sleep cycles, cognition (memory, learning, etc), mood, body temperature, endocrine regulation, age regulation,  etc.” Most of which I have been struggling with.

In conclusion, because the light from the full moon generates positive ions which triggers the production of serotonin and the emotional stress and anxiety I have been dealing with for the past year and a half or so causes high levels of serotonin to be in my system affects certain parts of my brain that is regulated through secretion of melatonin which is suppressed by long amounts of exposure to blue light through the use of a screen, psychic ability or other sources causes me to have poor performance and to loose the cognition ability to recover from it.

Review: Science and Human Transformation – Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness

About a month ago I ordered the next book in my research studies, Science and Human Transformation – Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness by William A. Tiller, PHD. I imagined the book would be a follow up for Tuning the Diamonds by Susan A. Renison. While I am not quite done with the book I’ve got about a chapter left, I will write the review. The book is definitely a step up from Tuning the Diamonds in technicality but the subject is for the most part is similar if not the same.

This book deals with these supersensible domains of Nature and how we might expand our present-day scientific thinking to meaningfully map out these new territories. The break with the past will come, in part, by accepting that, like light and sound, our present band of cognition gives us a window on only a very small portion of Nature’s total modes of expression. Likewise, space and time, although key variables the brain uses for cognition of the information impinging on our physical sensor arrays, are not necessarily the only nariables or the best variables for cognition of the broader domains of Nature. – Preface (pg iX).

Tiller spent many years researching subtle energies and their effects on human intentionality and consciousness. The book begins similarly to most books on the subject of metaphysics and subtle energies where the scientist tries to change the current “paradigm” of modern physics to include subtle energies and their thoughts on the subject. I don’t think changing the paradigm of modern physics is the right answer, but rather create a new universal model to include subtle energies, which I suppose could be seen as the same thing? The first chapter has discussions such as; A Biological Radiation Detector, A Few Other Psychokinesis Studies, Monitoring Subtle Energy Events in A Healer, Some Photographic Evidence of Subtle Energies, A Partial Catalogue of Subtle Energy Phenomena, Children As Subtle Energy Detectors, Magnetism As A Factor In The Subtle Energy Arena and A Working Hypothesis. This book is definitely not for someone who is new to the subject and has no scientific background of the Universe. It is a fabulous follow up for Tuning the Diamonds, but it definitely could use some work. The Source Field by David Wilcock and Tuning the Diamonds by Susan A Renison have one thing in common and that is a theory or overall concept where they research their concept and write the book according to their own theory/concept. The difference in Science and Human Transformation by William A. Tiller is that there isn’t a major theory/concept but discussions and reports from experiments he’s done. So it is a little hard to follow for the average reader if they, again, do not have a scientific background regarding the Universe. However, it is an excellent book to provide “food for thought” as it describes experiments done by Tiller and his colleagues.

There is an unseen matrix which gives form to the seen. It is in constant flow and harmony through an instantaneous exchange of information in every direction. From a higher dimensional perspective the multiplicity of seemingly disparate laws that govern our observational experiences appear to come from a common simple origin. According to Tiller, “—the entire human species seems to be part of one vast organism”. Thus, each individual influences the dynamic equilibrium of this multidimensional model. In Tiller’s negative space/time model, the subtle energies which make up our etheric body vibrate at speeds fast than light. The flow is not only outward, but echoes back to the source in a panholographic pattern that reflects the state of each individual element,  the part reflecting the whole and the whole influenced by every part. Each person may be defined in terms of a vibrational tone, merging with others into chords creating greater or lesser harmony, all part of a grand symphony with harmonic and subharmonic scales and overtones all merging into the one note of Creation, the vibration of love. – Preface,Science and Human Transformation (pg iX)

The next book I am going to read next is ‘Morphic Resonance: The Nature of Formative Causation’ Rupert Sheldrake. I’m excited for this book. Sheldrake please don’t let me down :(

When A New Science of Life was first published the British journal Nature called it “the best candidate for burning there has been for many years.” The book called into question the prevailing mechanistic theory of life when its author, Rupert Sheldrake, a former research fellow of the Royal Society, proposed that morphogenetic fields are responsible for the characteristic form and organization of systems in biology, chemistry, and physics–and that they have measurable physical effects. Using his theory of morphic resonance, Sheldrake was able to reinterpret the regularities of nature as being more like habits than immutable laws, offering a new understanding of life and consciousness.

In the years since its first publication, Sheldrake has continued his research to demonstrate that the past forms and behavior of organisms influence present organisms through direct immaterial connections across time and space. This can explain why new chemicals become easier to crystallize all over the world the more often their crystals have already formed, and why when laboratory rats have learned how to navigate a maze in one place, rats elsewhere appear to learn it more easily. With more than two decades of new research and data, Rupert Sheldrake makes an even stronger case for the validity of the theory of formative causation that can radically transform how we see our world and our future.

RUPERT SHELDRAKE, Ph.D., is a former research fellow of the Royal Society and former director of studies in biochemistry and cell biology at Clare College, Cambridge University. He is the author of more than 80 technical papers and articles appearing in peer-reviewed scientific journals and 10 books, including The Presence of the Past, The Rebirth of Nature, and Seven Experiments That Could Change the World.

Seven Cosmic Laws = Seven Design Principles

I began the second rewrite of my book since I have a better way of organizing it. I’m still debating whether or not to make this book simple and to the point, making it more of an art book with text, or a book that is basically a research paper that’s been published. Many of the books are of this format, taking a concept/thesis and then expanding it and backing it up with research. Unfortunately, a lot of the time the information gets recycled and is written about in different ways. I just finished Tuning the Diamonds: Electromagnetism and Spiritual Evolution by Susan Rennison and it was very similar to David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations. Although I suppose the point is that I learned something new from both books. Anyway, I’m leaning towards the art book model because the book is about design principles being applied to the universe; macrocosmically.

While researching this past week, I wondered if the esoteric tradition had anything like principles or laws about the cosmos that they followed. Sure enough, the Hermetic tradition has 7 so-called Cosmic laws, and amazingly so they mirror or match the seven design principles I’m working off of! SO I have rewrote my book to be outlined via these laws/principles and I am going to find the research that backs up these laws and put them into these laws/categories. I think that’s the best way to go about this book, since its so complicated in its’ nature. How do you make a model of the universe easy to read and comprehend to those who can’t see inside your brain?
Below is what I have summarized about these laws in my book’s intro:

According to the esoteric Hermetic tradition there are seven cosmic laws. Eerily they mirror or equal the seven design principles that I have applied macrocosmically. These seven cosmic laws are; the principle of SPIRIT (space), the principle of Cause and Effect = Karma (balance); the principle of correspondence or analogy (contrast); the principle of resonance or attraction (emphasis); the principle of Harmony and balance (harmony and proportions); the principle of rhythm or vibration (movement); the principle of Polarity and Sexuality (unity).

I got so very excited!

Repertoire of the Cosmos

I read everything I can get my hands on about the cosmos these days. Some of it is pure fiction but some of it has a good vibration and reads as non-fiction. I seem to be attracting more and more people who claim that they are not of this world and need guidance in learning what this feeling means. I have never felt like I was “apart” of this world (if that makes sense) I was always much more mature than my generation and could never really connect to my generation and only to those who are a bit older than I was. I didn’t mind, as I hated drama anyway. Its always weird trying to tell someone you’re close to that you’ve had this otherworldly feeling about yourself since childhood and could never fully explain it, so the internet has help lots in finding like minded people and it seems like more and more people are “waking up” realizing that they too may not be from this world. There is a reason! The major consensus is that earth is undergoing energetic changes and these changes if not gently handled, would have significant problems for humans, energetically. Therefore, higher evolved beings are called to be reincarnated onto earth to balance out these energies and this is why we are sometimes confronted with children who are wise beyond their years, simply because they are! at least their spirit. Anyway, I was one of these children and since childhood I had become determined to figure out what this feeling is and why I am feeling it. Some odd 10 years later I am grateful to have been so determined to finding out otherwise I may not have had that spiritual awakening or found myself better. I have only begun reading more into this after my spiritual awakening as it made me believe that I am seriously being pulled in a specific direction in my life! Sounds crazy I know, but I don’t know how else to explain it. Anyway, here is a repertoire of the cosmos I have started to put together and will continue to add to it once I finish reading a book, watching a documentary or reading an article! >> Repertoire of the Cosmos

While reading Tuning the Diamonds I came across a Hindu phrase and I am seriously adopting it once my research become more established, “Paramanu – beyond the atom”. How perfect for a lab that investigates phenomenon beyond the physical??

Working with life-form archetypes

Did not write this copied from a PDF

On June 15th 1989 the Swiss company “CIBA-GEIGY” (Basel) got an European patent (No.0351357): without genetic modifications, just with electrostatic fields they can create fossil forms of fish, fern, mushroom …today nobody remembers these experiments anymore…

Heinz Schürch, who watched over the experiments until 1992, shows us some pictures with strange looking plant archetypes of wheat and corn.

The wheat doesn’t grow high, it crawls on the ground, just the tip of the culms (where the spikes are) grows =20cm high.

The corn looks more like the modern corn we know today although it’s much smaller and it has not only two big but up to eight little corncobs growing out of the stem.

The amazing thing is: these archetypes were grown out of grains of the modern plants.

It’s no alchemy or gene technology, it’s just experimenting with plants and electrostatic fields (stress fields, no electric current).

Electric current, would produce a direct biochemical alteration, an electrostatic field does not.

Test arrangement:

Aluminum Plate

Wheat or corn For three days

Aluminum Plate

direct current between the two of them

After three days the grains grow in a pot or a greenhouse like every other plant.

These three days at the beginning of the germination process are enough to set the archetypes.

Electrostatic fields are regulative fields. Nature comes out of chaos; it needs regulative structures to manifest something. This is the idea behind it; a certain electrostatic field brings a certain structure into nature, that’s what we know out of the experiments. But we do not know of any legalities so far. We cannot tell how strong a field it needs (electric field strength) to go back to a certain time in evolution. We don’t even know how it really works. Our theory is, that the plants in the field get information, which makes them go back to the archetypes i.e. the wheat remembers it once was a grass. (In Peru you still can find this type of wheat). “The “new-old” wheat contains new” etc.

This type of wheat could be used in regions where there is a short spring and summer (the modern wheat couldn’t grow there at all): you wouldn’t need to use pesticides or herbicides.

The pest cycle is the same as the one of the modern wheat life.

They would not yet be developed when the “new-old “ wheat is already harvested after 4 to 8 weeks.

The germination rate of the grains is much higher as well.
The “new-old” species could be used to grow plants, which are healthier and more resistant to pests (cross with modern plants).


Heinz Schürch shows us a bowl with something green in it. A look under the microscope reveals “seedlings” of a fern-archetype. They have grown much longer under an electrostatic field than the wheat or the corn. They stayed in the field for approximately one month: the bowl has been kept closed for three years.

These “seedlings” (protallium) are important for the reproduction of ferns. Today there is only one “seedling” per fern-leaf, which becomes pubescent. The other ones are falling to the ground and die. The “seedlings” of this “ur-fern” behave different. They are all connected through a grid-type network. That’s the reason that there is more then one “seedling” which is able to become pubescent. Still we don’t know exactly how this network works. A close look with the microscope shows us this amazing network. The connections between the single “seedlings are always the shortest possible way. It almost looks like somebody created it with the intention to save material. The tubes between the heart-shaped plants are ultra-thin, very straight and are shining, silvery.

There is no information about these tubes in any scientific literature. We assume they are used to transmit information between these plants. But we don’t have a clue what kind of information this could be. More secrets are to be found in the growing process of the fern itself. The “seeding” of a common worm fern grew into another type of fern after being in the electrostatic field. Instead of pinnate leafs it had rounded ones (like tongues). Since these leafs are known from fossils, the new-old fern was named “Ur-fern” (ancient fern). The spores of the ancient fern were examined and they didn’t show any similarities with “modern” ferns. Scientists still didn’t believe in the possibility of altering plants by use of an electrostatic field.

In the following years the ancient fern grew different leafs every year, it nearly looked like, the fern remembered that it was created out of a worm fern. It seemed that the fern was going through the whole process of evolution in his growing process. We examined all it’s new spores, they were all the same. But out of them grew different kinds of ferns. There were: worm ferns, beach fern, some south African leather ferns, …The ancient fern seemed to be able to develop every kind of fern. The biggest surprise awaited us, when we came to analyze the chromosomes. The worm fern had 36, another one had 41. In all of scientific literature we never heard of anything like this. Another amazing, new, not- fern-like thing was, that every evening the fern would emit scents.

Many ferns are dying out these days. That makes the ciba-Geigy-experiments extra valuable. For example in Germany there are more than 12% endangered fern-species. Ferns are extremely sensitive to environmental pollution. A possible explanation (the reason for that) might be, that the atmosphere of the earth used to be different back in the days when ferns ruled the world. There were more and stronger thunderstorms and the electric fields in the earth’s atmosphere changed often. It could be, that every time we use an electrostatic field with the ferns, we create a condition of a time long ago when this field did exist. But this is only a theory.

If I can change the set of chromosomes and grow ancient (long dead) plants just by using a simple electrostatic field, I have to pronounce the question whether all the information about the shape of creatures is really in the genes, the DNA, the nucleus? I think the electrostatic charging of the atmosphere is also a factor.

The memory of nature seems to go back to the very beginnings of life. BRINGING BACK THE SAURIANS?

Out of a drilling-core, which came from depths of 140m. In a 200 million year old Rhine- salt-mine, was taken a probe. Analyzing this probe under a microscope shows us bazaar crystal forms out of which grows tiny creatures. These are mushrooms, which came back into life through an electrostatic field. All experiments to bring them back without the field didn’t work out.

Heinz Schürch shows us a patent, the only announcement of the company in which they talk about the electrostatic fields.

We didn’t want to experiment with plants only but also with animals. But we got the strict instruction not to mess with the germ line of animals. That’s why we thought of taking the eggs of a rainbow trout and put them into a field for four weeks after their impregnation. After four weeks we put them into aquariums and raised them. The result are fish, which are much stronger and robust than our rainbow trout. They have more teeth and a different color. Grown males have a hook-jaw (like wild salmons). They behave wilder and more aggressive. We needed to heighten the fence around the aquarium because the fish would jump higher. They are an archetype of our trout’s, dead since 150 years (they were identified with the aid of old drawings).

The flesh of the fish is firmer and more delicate. The fish are more resistant to disease. That’s why there is no need to put antibiotics or pesticides into the water. There is a standing joke in the company about bringing back the dinosaurs.
Heinz Schürch: “It is just a joke. I wouldn’t dare do it. You can’t control a dinosaur. We would just have to use bird-eggs, for the birds are the descendants of the saurian.

But we don’t even know how these fields are working.”

Answers to this question will still have to wait, as the CIBA-GEIGY-team doesn’t exist anymore.


A new procedure is described, based on the short-term application of electrostatic fields, which results in useful and desirable qualities of fish.

Aquariums (insulator) with fish-eggs are put between two electrodes of a capacitor. The direct voltage can vary from 1 to a couple of 10000 volts.

Because there is no electric current, the chemical identity of the system “fish” is not altered.

The eggs stay in the field until the “little” fish start to slip. Then they are brought into bigger aquariums and raised. These fish are more vital and grow up earlier than the ones, which were not put into an electrostatic field. The most used voltage varies between 100- 10000V(most special: 300-3000V) the distance between the electrodes depends on the size of the aquarium, but preferable it should be between 1-10cm.

Time-Space Physics

I am almost finished with The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock. I must say, I really enjoyed the read. I also was surprised how I agreed with most of what he said about the source field being Einstein’s “Holy Grail” i. E the Unified Field Theory. THOUGH, the only thing I don’t agree with is his take on gravity. He says gravity is a force within the Source Field. I don’t think this is the case. I think gravity is the reason why things are the way we view them, in space-time, if we flip gravity, we will be in time-space.

He has also opened my eyes into investigating the Time-Space parallel reality of Space-time. See the problem here folks is that mainstream scientists focus on the space-time science of things, however, it seems individuals are breaking into the time-space side of things and this obviously is upsetting the status quo. Thus contradictions, and suppression of amazing technology. We must be open to the idea of a parallel reality that is opposite entirely in nature to the space-time we’re so familiar with.. Time-space to me is where all the weird paranormal activities originate from. These anomalies pop over into space-time and we see them, but they are of time-space origin.

Wilcock helped me realize that the Golden mean may be in fact what we need to make matter be time-space material. The vibration or geometry to make matter atoms pop into time-space. Earlier I posted about in putting the Golden Mean in E = Mc2 it just occurred to me that may perhaps be a clue to turning everything into time-space material. Speeding things up so they enter Time-space. I’m thinking mysticism may in fact be the time-space science and that is why it doesn’t react the same in the space-time reality because once upon a time it was time-space and so the science worked, but the galaxy flipped over into space-time and so that knowledge is outdated. This also backs up my assertion that the Golden Mean spirals are expressions of light. They are coming directly from time-space and popping over into space-time. And their signature is a spiral.

Changing Matter through Vibration

I was reading The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock this week and I came across a few things that peaked my interest. I was reading about changing the physical appearance of matter through Magnetic Atoms. One experiment looked very promising as it was done by an ‘ordinary’ guy like you and me. I’m trying to see what art project I can steam from this. Process seems simple enough but I have to really look into it. From the research article it says that Pier Luigi Ighina simply created an electromagnetic field in the magnetic atoms in the piece of matter would take on the vibratory rate of the electromagnetic field and he could easily change it.

The various colours and shapes of matter are due to alterations in the vibration of the atoms that compose it. For example, if a flower has a basic atomic pulsation of 1000, and its external atoms get in touch with other atoms like those of light, heat, gas, etc. the latter change the former’s vibration to 1000.01, 1000.02 which correspond to the colours and shape of the matter. Upon this discovery he made a scale of alterations which showed him that when he would reach a pulsation of 1001, the matter would transform. He classified different categories of atoms: reproductive atoms, motionless atoms, non reproductive atoms, semi reproductive atoms, permanent reproductive atoms, and so on. source

I think his science is “Key” to understanding some of the many ancient philosophical teachings that have been given to us. For example sacred geometry is simply geometry that has taken on vibration. Vibration here is also key in the creation of sacred geometry. Reality is just a prism of shape and color, and if we are able to change the physical appearance of matter just by adjusting its vibratory rate, then this really backs up that reality is an illusion.

Quatrefoil vs Vortex

Below is an old art history paper; it discusses the material and militaristic view of space travel versus the spiritual, consciousness expanding space travel through the vortex symbol and the quatrefoil symbol.

figure 1
Artist: Paul Feeley
Subgenre: Sculpture and paintings
Media: wood and paint
Date: 1960s

figure 2
Artist: Janet Echelman
Subgenre: Sculpture
Media: Poles: 105 feet, 125 feet and 145 feet tall Rings: Outer: 100 feet wide; Inner: 30 feet wide Cable: 1 ¾ -inch cable; 1-inch cable Net Dimensions: 100 feet wide at the top – 15 feet wide at the bottom The lowest part of the net hangs 38 feet above the ground. The highest rises to about 100 feet. Wind Load: designed to withstand summer monsoon winds.
Date: 2009

For my design comparisons I chose sculpture by 1960s’ artist Paul Feeley and contemporary sculpture artist Janet Echelman. I had chosen Echelman’s piece first because the exquisite use of light and color, shape and form really struck a chord with me. I am personally attracted to color and shape as they are often used in symbols and signs… for me, color and form in sculpture is like a really large 3dimensional symbol. The sculptures take on a symbol of their own. For some reason, the 1960s really came to mind when I saw Echelman’s sculpture. I then googled for an artist that resembled Echelman’s pieces and fell upon Paul Feeley. Unfortunately there is not a lot on Paul Feeley. The same symbolic appeal that Echelman uses in her works are mimicked in Feeley’s childlike wooden sculptures.  Echelman’s is almost like a sophisticated contemporary version of Feeley’s sculptures.
Feeley appears to be more of a painter than a sculpturer. He’s taken simple shapes and elaborated them using repetition and distortion to the original form. However, the way Feeley uses shape and color in his sculptures and especially his paintings create a subliminal affect of being symbols. His paintings are not symbolic, they are, rather more like patterns… but even then they are not exactly like a tile pattern. Sometimes a form is repeated through out his paintings, sometimes it is just in a certain location in his paintings. He works a lot with the Gestalt Theory and its’ Law of Figure-ground. Echelman also works with the Law of Figure-ground whether it was intentional or not.

In figure 1, remind me of a particular symbol and sign that is often used in religious architecture is the quatrefoil.  This quatrefoil has a lot of significant esoteric influence on religious architecture. Perhaps Feeley was influenced by such a shape that he felt compelled to sculpt. And while we may never know that Feeley was inspired by the quatrefoil we do know quite a bit about the religious and esoteric influence the quatrefoil has. A blog I follow called, “Reconciliation of Science and Religion” uses art, symbols and signs as a foothold to deliver and reveal many esoteric secretes that were once taught in the ancient mystery schools but have been eliminated from “modern” consciousness. In ancient history the mystics where known as the priest-scientists who devised and developed systems and languages of symbols and signs to preserve knowledge. Mystics preserved ancient knowledge through paintings and cosmologies that often times conveyed scientific meaning through a complex system of mythological themes, symbols, storylines, and words. This method has long been lost to humanity because of the so-called Enlightenment era,

[The] Enlightenment was a desire for human affairs to be guided by rationality rather than by faith, superstition, or revelation; a belief in the power of human reason to change society and liberate the individual from the restraints of custom or arbitrary authority; all backed up by a world view increasingly validated by science rather than by religion or tradition. (Dorinda Outram, historian)

On the blog, “Reconciliation of Science and Religion” the author, known as “Raphael” writes about the constant associations each symbol has to each other and is determined to prove Einstein’s “Theory of Everything”. Dr. Timothy Leary, a professor at Harvard University during the 1960s who was fired due to his experiments with LSD and his belief that this drug was a positive stimulant that could be used for expanding awareness of subconscious structures and aspects of the world not perceived in a normal consciousness state, has propagated the quatrefoil sign as a symbol for the League for Spiritual Discovery, or LSD.  Raphael writes,

ASYMMETRY is KEY, and it is easy to prove the ancients were aware of asymmetry. Yes they were AWARE, and we are rather ignorant of this fact, that they were more aware of asymmetry than we appear to be. It seems we have been focused on SYMMETRY far too much, far too long…probably because symmetry implies perfection, and perfection is ‘god’.

It is illustrated that a quatrefoil is produced when inverting a swastika, a sign that is known for being symmetrical in nature. According to the mystic Hindus the swastika was

originally developed to explain the nature of duality; clockwise represents the physical and counterclockwise represents the spiritual. Now it seems that the inversion of a swastika represents subconscious, inter-dimensional expansion, etc and in the version represents the grounding and a conscious state… of being present. From the student-produced magazine, Knowledge of Reality they write,

The electron’s high probability zone formed spiral standing waves around the carbon atom’s nucleus. When this configuration was viewed from certain angles the physicist was surprised to find that the spirals formed recognizable symbols. In the first view a 3–dimensional Aumkara could be seen. From a different angle that Aumkara became a flat, 2-dimensional Swastika. The Swastika, he concluded, was actually 2-D representation of the 3-D aumkara.

What both sculptures have in common is their symbolic associations. According to Raphael’s writing and findings, the quatrefoil represents finding the reality and natural existence of different dimensions in plain view (LSD, consciousness expansion, etc) and then in Echelman’s piece, which visually depicts a vortex, or a kind of inverted wormhole; a technological concept that is used in science-fiction as a means of intergalactic and dimensional travel. One, the quatrefoil, is a rather spiritual version of intergalactic and dimensional travel and the other, the vortex, is a superficial kind of concept for intergalactic and dimensional travel.

Physicists Study Homer’s Iliad and Other Classics for Hidden Truths

ScienceDaily (July 23, 2012) — The truth behind some of the world’s most famous historical myths, including Homer’s epic, the Iliad, has been bolstered by two researchers who have analysed the relationships between the myths’ characters and compared them to real-life social networks.

In a study published online 25 July, in the journal EPL (Europhysics Letters), Pádraig Mac Carron and Ralph Kenna from Coventry University performed detailed text analyses of the Iliad, the English poem, Beowulf, and the Irish epic, the Táin Bó Cuailnge.

They found that the interactions between the characters in all three myths were consistent with those seen in real-life social networks. Taking this further, the researchers compared the myths to four known works of fiction — Les Misérables, Richard III, Fellowship of the Ring, and Harry Potter — and found clear differences.

“We can’t really comment so much on particular events. We’re not saying that this or that actually happened, or even that the individual people portrayed in the stories are real; we are saying that the overall society and interactions between characters seem realistic,” said Mac Carron.

To arrive at their conclusions, the researchers created a database for each of the three stories and mapped out the characters’ interactions. There were 74 characters identified in Beowulf, 404 in the Táin and 716 in the Iliad.

Each character was assigned a number, or degree, based on how popular they were, or how many links they had to other characters. The researchers then measured how these degrees were distributed throughout the whole network.

The types of relationships that existed between the characters were also analysed using two specific criteria: friendliness and hostility.

Friendly links were made if characters were related, spoke to each other, spoke about one another or it is otherwise clear that they know each other amicably. Hostile links were made if two characters met in a conflict, or when a character clearly displayed animosity against somebody they know.

The three myths were shown to be similar to real-life networks as they had similar degree distributions, were assortative and vulnerable to targeted attack. Assortativity is the tendency of a character of a certain degree to interact with a character of similar popularity; being vulnerable to targeted attack means that if you remove one of the most popular characters, it leads to a breakdown of the whole network — neither of these appears to happen in fiction.

Of the three myths, the Táin is the least believed. But Mac Carron and Kenna found that its apparent artificiality can be traced back to only 6 of the 404 characters.

“In terms of degree distributions, all three myths were like real social networks; this wasn’t the case for the fictional networks. Removing the eponymous protagonist from Beowulf also made that network assortative, like real networks.

“For the Táin we removed the ‘weak links’ associated with the top six most connected characters which had previously offset the degree distribution, this adjustment made the network assortative,” continued Mac Carron.

The researchers hypothesise that if the society of the Táin is to be believed, the top six characters are likely to have been fused together from other characters as the story passed orally through the generations.

The researchers acknowledge that there are elements of each of the myths that are clearly fantasy, such as the character Beowulf slaying a dragon; however, they stress they are looking at the society rather than specific events. Historical archaeological evidence has been interpreted as indicating that some elements of the myths, such as specific locations, landmarks and characters, are likely to have existed.

The Secret of Sion – William Henry

I’ve been reading a few books lately. I’m still working on David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations but I recently had a burning desire to read William Henry‘s master piece, The Secret of Sion.

I bought the e-book version on my ipod touch for the kindle app. The paper back price was $85 dollars and the e-book version was $10! It was worth $10 too cause I found a lot of grammatical errors along with typos as well. I hope it was only the e-book version.

But I couldn’t put this book down. It is right on cue with what I’m into as an artist. Finally, we have a modern thinker whose got a good handle on what the purpose of religion is. His work is really convincing and makes a heck of a lot of sense. I don’t recommend the book for those who are more inclined to be skeptic, you have to acknowledge first that the artwork done back in the medieval/renaissance time periods were alchemical and not just for aesthetics. In ancient/medieval/renaissance art had a practical purpose and that was to convey information and knowledge that only the “pure hearted” a.k.a the “initiate” would be able to understand. I watched a documentary awhile ago about the science/religion of ancient Egypt called, “The Invisible Science” and it said that symbolism and mythology was the first veil to receiving knowledge to become enlightened.

I highly recommend this book, but definitely buy the e-book version.

Creativity is Intelligence at Play

At the beginning of my artistic quest.. I read a book called The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. In it he states that man’s intelligence (creativity) increases as the sun’s position moves closer to the galactic center. In the Secret of Sion by William Henry he states that a consistent force exists at the center of the galaxy. This force is creative/spiritual and is said to be home to intelligent beings who reside at the center (Sion). This advanced race helps the creative/spiritual evolution process in all galactic races. It is assumed that this force is responsible for the natural intelligence of Man (which is creativity). I just thought I’d mention that the world seems to be getting more and more expressive. In movies we have 3-D technology where the movies literally are “expressive” and we have highly expressive individuals such as Minaj, Perry and Lady Gaga, etc. Not to mention three years ago, “Social visioning” was created through the pinboard style website: Pinterest. Is it just me, or is the world getting more creative?

Einstein said himself that, “Creativity is Intelligence at Play”. I suppose when most people begin to spiritually wake up that same spiritual energy is transmitted into creative energy.

The Way of Light

“For the awakened Gnostic, Christ is a being of light and the Christ narrative is an allegory of a universal internal spiritual experience, the Way of Light.[…] This is the ancient spiritual journey of the Wayshower, Jesus demonstrated. We follow (and will complete) this light path both individually and as a species…” (Secret of Sion, William Henry)

hmm I wonder where I’ve heard ‘the Way of Light’ before… oh wait that’s Moravian’s motto: Via Lucis.

Gravity Nullification

Gravity. The force that is ultimately what is keeping us chained to Earth and it is also the force that is keeping us from being propelled into the future. What is gravity? Physics tells us that gravity may be two forces but it may just be a principle that’s explained simply and that has been over looked.

In September 1927 Issue of Science and Invention an article was published about a scientist, Dr. Kowsky and his partner, Engineer Frost, discovered that when a crystal is beamed with a high-frequency energy it looses molecular weight and floats up into the air. From the article it states,

It seems as if a dispersal of electrons from a molecule resulted, which as it is irreversible, changes the entire structure of the crystal, so that it cannot be restored to its former condition. The stretching out, as we may term this strange property of the crystal, explains the reason for its transparency. At the same time a change takes place in its specific gravity. Testing it on the balance showed that after connecting the crystal to the high tension current, the arm of the balance on which the crystal with the electrical connections tests rode into air.

In mineralogy and crystallography, crystal structure is a unique arrangement of atoms or molecules in a crystalline liquid or solid. A crystal structure is composed of a pattern, a set of atoms arranged in a particular way, and a lattice exhibiting long-range order and symmetry. Patterns are located upon the points of a lattice, which is an array of points repeating periodically in three dimensions. The points can be thought of as forming identical tiny boxes, called unit cells, that fill the space of the lattice. The lengths of the edges of a unit cell and the angles between them are called the lattice parameters. The symmetry properties of the crystal are embodied in its space group. (source of text)

In mysticism, El, spelled E L, is mentioned as the father of all gods in Egyptian mythology. El is the inspiration for the term EL-ectricity. Electricity is produced by the elect lady, the electrons of the atom. All those who were faithful to this god El, the god of matter, became the elect, the chosen and faithful.

If crystals are atoms, which are just electrons of electricity, focusing a high-frequenecy energy on a crystalized piece of matter and having it stretch out to loose weight would make sense — it goes with the expansion and contraction principle. It is said that in every planetary body there is a piece of matter that is crystalized. Perhaps gravity is not a force, but rather an effect caused by high-frequencies or low-frequencies – expanding and contracting. If we take the observation that when beamed with high-frequencies a crystal looses weight, then perhaps when beamed with low-frequencies the crystal becomes extremely dense and produces a dense gravity field.

Theoretically, perhaps gravity is caused by a kind of breathing sensation in which high-frequency energies and low-frequency energies create a similar rhythm to breathing. This idea would correspond to an ancient idea that there is a circuit that connects all living things with the entire universe. It wasn’t until more than half a century later in 1952, when the German physicist Professor W.O.Schumann of the Technical University of Munich predicted that there are electromagnetic standing waves in the atmosphere, within the cavity formed by the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. This came about by Schumann teaching his students about the physics of electricity. During a lesson about ball condensers he asked them to calculate the frequency between the inner and outer ball, meaning the earth and ionosphere layer. They came up with a calculation of 10Hz. This was confirmed in 1954 when measurements by Schumann and König detected resonances at a main frequency of 7.83 Hz. In the years following this discovery, several investigators worldwide have researched “Schumann resonance” and a number of properties and characteristics have now been established. (source of text)

These “Schumann resonances” have been called the Earth’s breath and with this new perspective the Earth is considered to be a living organism.

Solving E=mc2 ?

While thinking about the conversation I had lately about the manifest world being an interference and that spirals are expressions of intersections of light, I thought about Einsteins’ equation… and remembered that not too long ago I applied the golden mean, 1.61 to Einsteins’ E=MC2… I think I may be getting somewhere with all this physics stuff and think that conventional physics is extremely wrong in some things… but then I realized I already came to this conclusion last March when I wrote my “Traveling Faster than the Speed of Light” post.

E = 12.0107 (amu of carbon) x 2.61803399 (golden mean squared, c2).

E= 31.4444

If we move the decimal point over, it would be E=3.14 and that would be Pi; or the intersection of linear and non-linear reality!

So Carbon would travel 3.14 miles per second*. 

E= 15.9994 (amu of oxygen) x 2.61803399 (golden mean squared, c2).

E= 41.8869 or E=4.1886  … oxygen would travel 4.18 miles per second. 

* this means that it would travel 3.14 miles each second

 Silver would travel…

E= 107.8682 amu (amu of silver) x 2.61803399 (golden mean squared, c2).

E= 282.4026 … E=28.2402 miles per second

According to this treatise… Pi (3.14) is the intersection of linear and non-linear reality. This would also correspond to the idea that spirals are expressions of intersections of light. If carbon is a fundamental element of the manifest world, it could perhaps speed up or slow down light helping to create the interference. Pi creates a spiral, which is seen in nature…

E= 1.00794 (amu of Hydrogen) x 2.61803399 (golden mean squared, c2).
E= 2.6388 / 10
E= 0.2638

Hydrogen would travel 0.2638 miles per second

If we wanted to find how fast water traveled, it would travel 4.7162 m/s. ( Hydrogen + Hydrogen + Oxygen)

0.2638 + 0.2638 + 4.1886 = 4.7162 miles per second

New Setup

This week my parents and I went off and got me my graduation present. So I have a new setup now!! 
This motivates me to clean the studio a bit. My table is messy as well as the rest of the room. Old art work everywhere and shit. I think I’ll occasionally work on it this summer, been wanting to clean it up since I came home from college so I could have room to continue yoga. I realized how much I missed doing it when I took the P.E course last Fall. It really helped with my hypothyroidism. It gave me energy and helped me through the week since it was on a Wednesday. Now that I have a bit more energy I would be motivated to do it on my own. I have applied to one job where I couldn’t imagine it being more perfect for me so now I’m doing the waiting game. I’ve just been working on my musics and researching — playful things, taking a bit of a break on art and design related stuff. :-) 

I found this interesting website that focuses on protein and how it reacts to music. Apparently it sings when it reacts or is in the presence of music:

The Manifest world is an Interference.

I have one — er, colleague — that I theorize with on occasion because we both study light, sound and form in a similar fashion. For me, its a bit more formal, but she is interested in light, sound and form as well in the same view. We’re often theorizing about ideas and old hypotheses in hopes of retrieving some kind of truth, whatever it may be.

Last night, while procrastinating packing my dorm room up, I ran across an alternative science database that I haven’t found before and this article. The article focused on the age-old idea that the earth is flat. I have had written ideas before suggesting that the earth/universe could indeed be flat: Holographic Reality and the World is Flat and the Universe is Flat. Apparently there are a few people out there that still believe that the world is flat. 

We got into an interesting discussion about the possibility of the Earth being flat and how it could possibly function as a flat surface.

I posted this link onto my colleague’s facebook wall and the conversation began like this:

She commented jokingly, “All photographs of Earth from space are taken with FISH EYE LENSES to TRICK US!!!” 

In all seriousness, I then asked, “No, seriously have you thought about it though?

She responded, “About a flat Earth? Not with my understanding of physics, which may or may not be faulty. But the Sun is visibly spherical, the moon is spherical, and the planets I’ve seen through a telescope also have the same light shading as a sphere rather than a disc. I wouldn’t consider the Earth to be a special case.

Expanding Earth, that I’ve considered.

But isn’t there always a dual option though in this world? What’s the opposite of spherical? Flat. If everything is an illusion in this manifest world, things that would appear flat, would be spherical and vice versa, theoretically,” I insisted.

She then replied, “I don’t really believe the world operates on duality as much as a refracted spectrum of plurality. We could divide numbers as even or odds, but we could also differentiate by multiples of three or fives. I feel it has much more to do with perspective than duality. All illusions are equally false.

And then added, “Can we count a Mobius strip as being flat?

It looks like its technically a spiral, so yes,” I answered.

Continuing, she said, “I don’t know if there’s physical evidence to support this, but I still think of the universe as expanding from a central point and collapsing back into itself when its expansion is no longer enough to overcome its gravity.

Yes. I’ve seen that in Tibetan art,” I said confidently. 

Then I asked, “what if our eyes are natural fish eye lenses?

She answered, “That’s still assuming physical matter is actual rather than perceptual. But we could also be light, shining onto inert information and perceiving it as experience…

I then asked, “Light shining upon light equals what?   

Experience,” she said simply.

Then she added, “We could equate light with attention, as we equate darkness with the unseen. There has to be an interaction of some sort for there to be anything to experience.”   

A world between worlds,” I said.
 Then she asked, “If we perceive no opposition, interference, interaction, can we perceive otherness or plurality?

Are we built to do that? I don’t think so, if we could, there would be no division,” I responded.

Light absorption,” I then added.

 “That would be the point where illusion refracts as a distortion of reality. We can take a flat sheet of paper and pinch it somewhere, perceiving it as something other than paper, just because it has an apparent shape other than that which surrounds it. It’s still the same thing though,” she responded.

Exactly,” I said.

Then I added, “If we are beings of light, entering a world of light — a different kind of light — we would distort that reality because the present reality of who we are is already light … the distorted reality is the reality we perceive to be real, as in the world we exist in now.

Continuing, she said, “Holographic apparitions rather than solid, actually separate entities. Perhaps this is why dimensions intersect each other at 90 degree angles. It’s just us coming back on ourselves in new ways to experience multiplicity.

So particles are twists of space-time…  

Intersections of light. And! If absolute zero is no vibratory motion of any particle, it’s because there is no interaction. It would be uninterrupted flatness,” she added.

 “Ah ha! Flat,” I exclaimed.
Then she asked, “We can extend on forever uninterrupted, but projecting requires an other to bounce off of. 0D as a source?” She laughed.

Laughing with her, I responded, “0D would be light though, it has to be.

Thinking out loud, I said, but things can’t bounce off if there is no density to it…

It’s pretty awesome that we had the same thought train about interrupted light and projections,” she said.

Then she asked, “But what -is- light? Consciousness? Beingness? That Which Is or the attention thereof? We seemingly innately equate it with positivity. So that which we see is light and that which we refuse to attend to is dark? I feel like the metaphor works in a literal way, I’m just not sure how.

Oh shiny!!” I exclaimed.

Actually, I think “oh shiny” may be the answer to your question,” I added.

Pondering, she asked, “How does the light in a holograph work? Bounced off of a reflection?

What happens when physical light reflects off a metallic surface? It catches our attention, because we somehow can relate to it, for whatever reason,” I said.

Continuing, she said, “That is precisely why, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in sparkly sorts of things. Every living thing flourishes with light, and many animals instinctively collect shinies.

Finishing the conversation, I said, “By the way… spirals as expressions of light intersecting with each other? perhaps why they appear -everywhere- in nature?

Mitt Romney Invasion

I have been watching the Republican campaign closely. I’m not one for politics. I try to stay out of them as much as possible, unless it relates to something I care about… (I guess most people are like that??). Anyway, last summer I was busy doing an esoteric study of sound. There’s a small esoteric community called the EVP / Reverse Speech community. I believe I have written about the reverse speech research in the past. They believe that the manifest world is a mirror, a reflection of the world above, or the astral world. In my post, “The Concept of Images” I talk about the esoteric meaning of an image and perception. The EVP/RS community believes that the world above is the Universal Mind (Wilcock calls this the Source Field). The Universal mind has two parts, just like the human mind … these two parts are called the Mother and the Father; the Father is obviously God and the Mother is the Goddess (if you will). In mysticism, it is taught that the manifest world is created by a group of egregore thinking entities who have imprisoned humanity into this matrix of light, sound and form. They imprisoned us because we contain all the knowledge within ourselves and they want to take this power from us… and so they appear to us as a God because they are in control of this reality; but in reality, we are shut off from the Universal Mind which in essence is the “Real” God (if you will). So in essence, when you RS you are revealing voices (or spirits) from the astral world (or universal mind). Man was made in the image of God (or astral form).

Reading up on the library of knowledge that the EVP/RS community has collected from doing RS it became aware to me that RS can, if done correctly, be a form of divination. If you have created a deep connection to the people on the other side, you will begin to get clearer answers. But as always, there are beings and such on the other side that will manipulate your words so the message will not get across. In my experience, I have done RS where the entire sentence of what I recorded was manipulated and changed to something completely different from what I originally said!

Last summer, knowing that the election was coming up, I wanted to see if I could get any information about the election. I had read rumors within the esoteric community of some staged events that could lead up to a World War III (of sorts). I decided to try to see if these rumors were true, and if it could have any affect on the election. I recorded my thoughts and when I was going back through the audio I had said the word, “Invasion” and in the reversal it actually became, “Mitt Romney”. I’m thinking, a Mitt Romney invasion? Why? Then I though that perhaps Mitt Romney would have a huge impact on the election… somehow.

Then when Mitt Romney swept through the nation winning the Republican vote for a lot of major republican states, I again thought back to that RS. And, I was, personally amazed how that message got through. Yes, indeed, a Mitt Romney invasion of sorts did happen.

For what its worth, here’s the recording:

As a note, the first word is the word recorded and the second half is the reversal.

Triangle  represents Fire , passion,  meditate on this symbol  to intensify and clarify desire, creativity, prosperity, magnetism and  to develop the right brain .

Circle represents Air , thought, and is used  to enhance ones ability to visualize and discriminate. Meditation on circles activates the subconscious mind brings about greater ability to discriminate ,concentrate and communicate.

Moon represents Water ,  this symbol increases the ability to feel , meditation with this form can bring greater self reflection sensitivity and receptivity toward others.

Squares represent Earth, focus and determination , diversity , inner strength  enhances the ability to move from dreams to reality.

Ovoid or ellipse represents  space, the void , the universe , the womb, the cosmic egg ,new life ,understanding , female or yin energy.

Primary Colors:

Secondary Colors:

Tertiary Colors:
Yellow orange
Yellow Green
Red Orange

  Figure out the overall main theme of the story/phrase/piece of writing.
Find appropriate shape. Determine color. Primary = positive Secondary = negative Tertiary = neutral, maybe, etc

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