Hyannis, MA – Seaporium Grand Opening

Hyannis, MA – Seaporium Grand Opening

I am trying to get back into blogging regularly, but my weekends have become busier! I may have to find time during the week to do more blogging.

Last weekend I went to the Cape to drop off artwork at an upcoming show in North Truro and Provincetown. I am so excited to be exhibiting in Provincetown again. I remember the last time I did with Gallery Ehva foundly, met many artists of my age on the Cape and we bar hoped in town afterward.13221632_1273363816010252_661582000100686139_n

This weekend I have two receptions for the same show which will be at two different locations, North Truro and Provincetown.

Last Saturday I attended the grand opening of the consignment shop that my electrography products are in – Seaporim in Hyannis! It was very exciting and fun meeting some of the customers and other artists who have work there. Since I’m not on the Cape all the time, its’ hard for me to have a presence there. BUT… I do try to be of a presence.

Being laid off, while I miss my co-workers, has been a bit of a blessing in disguise because I had so many freelance projects and work come through that working full-time and doing those would’ve been a struggle, especially with overtime! Not to mention that I feel that I’ve had a bit of a vacation for the first time in three years. Able to relax and enjoy life and not have to worry about much right now is nice!

New Project: Quilt Mandalas

New Project: Quilt Mandalas

Last summer I participated in the Hyarts Artist Shanty program in Hyannis, MA. Since then I have maximized my experience by writing down inspiration, tidbits and things people have said to me, that came to my mind and random things. I usually do this with action-packed experiences because if I have a lot on my mind I tend to forget it!

While working on this experience I experimented a little bit with my artwork on clothing and I really like how it turned out. It was really sell-able as well and seems to be the most cost effective way to produce artwork prints. However, getting into clothing manufacturing is a bit tricky. I’m not a seamstress and can hardly cut a straight line so I wouldn’t be the one making the clothes. I have to find a manufacturer that will do private labeling… essentially I design the clothing and claim it, but it will be manufactured in a factory, or something like it. Part of me wants to collaborate with others on the fashion line but part of me doesn’t want to split the credit…sounds selfish but I want it to make it my own, but without doing the dirty work! Only because it’ll just be another thing to be added onto my plate so I want to focus on what matters, the artwork.

So, I started searching on instagram for artists whose work will mix well with my owIMG_0272n. Since my mandalas fit the hippy, new agey vibe and I’ve been wanting to market to this crowd more. I connected with a fiber artist and designer from Missouri whose done some awesome incredible things. She made a whole bunch of bags, filled them with school supplies and then sent them off to a non-profit organization – Generation Next, for students in Africa.

She owns a small etsy based business called, Hills and Thread, and designs bags and other fabric based items with quilting techniques.  I contacted her if she wanted to collaborate and she was ecstatic to! We skyped the following week and came up with a bunch of ideas. It’s nice seeing my work in a different form with color and in a completely different light.

We have other plans to expand this project if successful. BUT I’m happy with the current progress.


Now at Seaporium!

Now at Seaporium!

Beginning November 1st you can find my products in Hyannis, MA at Seaporium, a consignment shop that features local artisans and handmade crafts. A little sampling of what you see here on the website will be found there. We will mention that the price may be adjusted to adhere to the rules of the shop.

Consigning is going to part of the next phase in our plan to expand to gain more customers. If you own a shop, or feel that our products will fit your customer base, email me and we can discuss.

See what Linda has to say,

So hope this very talented young woman agrees to showcase her items here at Seaporium. Her medium is Electrography. She exposes images by using electricity on an object (plant material) on photo sensitive paper. After they’re developed, she changes to positive on her computer. The electricity exposes the water materials of the plants to give you these beautiful photos! How cool is that?

Check out Seaporium on facebook!

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