Stonington, CT – A Day in the Life of…

Stonington, CT – A Day in the Life of…

Tuesday of this past week, a colleague and fellow entrepreneur invited me to be her assistant for a cover shoot for a luxury magazine that she is building. The team she built was coming from New York to Stonington, CT. She had booked a mansion that was on the market (which was actually right across from Taylor Swift’s!), an up and coming pop star – Kristine Elezaj for a cover girl (who made iHeartRadio’s Top 20 Rising Star competition), fashion designers; Carmen Marcvalvo, Bibhu Mohapatra and Slyvio Kovacic. It was a great day for a shoot.

I woke up very early on Thursday for the cover shoot and drove to my colleague’s house. Then we drove to Stonington, CT for the day. 13533150_3145000224227_2026566947744880184_n

We had gorgeous weather for the shoot and it was fun to meet and network with like-minded individuals and creatives. Sometimes if you are not living in New York or LA it’s hard to network with the right crowd. I don’t have any connections in the creative industry in New York so it was great for me to network with these people but also to have this experience. I hope something will come out of it! FullSizeRender

As an assistant of my colleague, I got to help out with the little things; a main job was to hold the reflectors for the different looks and shoots, but also to take behind the scenes pics and other miscellaneous things. I’d love to do more things like this. It’s a nice balance of contributing and being a part of a major production. Maybe something I can add to my repertoire of my visual marketing brand.

The biggest surprise and fun of it all was literally the day after the shoot, I woke up to find my instagram feed from the people I’ve followed from the shoot flooded with press buzzing about it! The photos were featured on Enquirer, OK, Star and Radar magazines.

Check out my behind the scenes short:

Gallery 263: Massachusetts!

massgalleryOn Friday I left work early to go into Cambridge, MA for two receptions. The first one, at this year’s VSA competition (the one that accepted my works into the Smithsonian) from the Massachusetts chapter. I ran across the blog and am going to submit my story to it (when I have a chance to write it). I met the one of the members who connected me to this reception who happened to grow up in Longmeadow! Crazy. The reception was nice and the gallery was nice but small. Afterwords, I sent the executive director an email seeing if they’d let me do a solo show at the Open Doors Gallery (where it was held).

Then I went to the other side of the river for the reception at Gallery 263: Massachusetts! A former high school teacher of mine came to the reception as well as my uncle and my brother. As you can probably tell from my photos, it was PACKED. It was probably the most crowded reception I have been in! (This is the reception where I was mentioned in the press release). Overall fun night, despite battling Boston rush hour traffic. Ugh!

PS: If you click the photo about it’ll take you to the facebook photo gallery.

Studio Updates


My dad and I went to go work on my studio this past Tuesday. Things are finally coming together in the main room and now we’re shifting our focus on the darkroom. It’s been put on hold because we were painting the main room. I was going to do venetian plaster on the big wall, but since I just recently accepted a contract position at Minuteman Press, its going to be hard for me to find time to work on the walls and I like how it is coming together without the plaster. I just have some more things I’d like to put there, like picture lights to put above the frames and a few decor items like curtains, tapestries and a rug to put down. Otherwise it is almost done.

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