Changing Matter through Vibration

I was reading The Source Field Investigations by David Wilcock this week and I came across a few things that peaked my interest. I was reading about changing the physical appearance of matter through Magnetic Atoms. One experiment looked very promising as it was done by an ‘ordinary’ guy like you and me. I’m trying to see what art project I can steam from this. Process seems simple enough but I have to really look into it. From the research article it says that Pier Luigi Ighina simply created an electromagnetic field in the magnetic atoms in the piece of matter would take on the vibratory rate of the electromagnetic field and he could easily change it.

The various colours and shapes of matter are due to alterations in the vibration of the atoms that compose it. For example, if a flower has a basic atomic pulsation of 1000, and its external atoms get in touch with other atoms like those of light, heat, gas, etc. the latter change the former’s vibration to 1000.01, 1000.02 which correspond to the colours and shape of the matter. Upon this discovery he made a scale of alterations which showed him that when he would reach a pulsation of 1001, the matter would transform. He classified different categories of atoms: reproductive atoms, motionless atoms, non reproductive atoms, semi reproductive atoms, permanent reproductive atoms, and so on. source

I think his science is “Key” to understanding some of the many ancient philosophical teachings that have been given to us. For example sacred geometry is simply geometry that has taken on vibration. Vibration here is also key in the creation of sacred geometry. Reality is just a prism of shape and color, and if we are able to change the physical appearance of matter just by adjusting its vibratory rate, then this really backs up that reality is an illusion.

The Manifest world is an Interference.

I have one — er, colleague — that I theorize with on occasion because we both study light, sound and form in a similar fashion. For me, its a bit more formal, but she is interested in light, sound and form as well in the same view. We’re often theorizing about ideas and old hypotheses in hopes of retrieving some kind of truth, whatever it may be.

Last night, while procrastinating packing my dorm room up, I ran across an alternative science database that I haven’t found before and this article. The article focused on the age-old idea that the earth is flat. I have had written ideas before suggesting that the earth/universe could indeed be flat: Holographic Reality and the World is Flat and the Universe is Flat. Apparently there are a few people out there that still believe that the world is flat. 

We got into an interesting discussion about the possibility of the Earth being flat and how it could possibly function as a flat surface.

I posted this link onto my colleague’s facebook wall and the conversation began like this:

She commented jokingly, “All photographs of Earth from space are taken with FISH EYE LENSES to TRICK US!!!” 

In all seriousness, I then asked, “No, seriously have you thought about it though?

She responded, “About a flat Earth? Not with my understanding of physics, which may or may not be faulty. But the Sun is visibly spherical, the moon is spherical, and the planets I’ve seen through a telescope also have the same light shading as a sphere rather than a disc. I wouldn’t consider the Earth to be a special case.

Expanding Earth, that I’ve considered.

But isn’t there always a dual option though in this world? What’s the opposite of spherical? Flat. If everything is an illusion in this manifest world, things that would appear flat, would be spherical and vice versa, theoretically,” I insisted.

She then replied, “I don’t really believe the world operates on duality as much as a refracted spectrum of plurality. We could divide numbers as even or odds, but we could also differentiate by multiples of three or fives. I feel it has much more to do with perspective than duality. All illusions are equally false.

And then added, “Can we count a Mobius strip as being flat?

It looks like its technically a spiral, so yes,” I answered.

Continuing, she said, “I don’t know if there’s physical evidence to support this, but I still think of the universe as expanding from a central point and collapsing back into itself when its expansion is no longer enough to overcome its gravity.

Yes. I’ve seen that in Tibetan art,” I said confidently. 

Then I asked, “what if our eyes are natural fish eye lenses?

She answered, “That’s still assuming physical matter is actual rather than perceptual. But we could also be light, shining onto inert information and perceiving it as experience…

I then asked, “Light shining upon light equals what?   

Experience,” she said simply.

Then she added, “We could equate light with attention, as we equate darkness with the unseen. There has to be an interaction of some sort for there to be anything to experience.”   

A world between worlds,” I said.
 Then she asked, “If we perceive no opposition, interference, interaction, can we perceive otherness or plurality?

Are we built to do that? I don’t think so, if we could, there would be no division,” I responded.

Light absorption,” I then added.

 “That would be the point where illusion refracts as a distortion of reality. We can take a flat sheet of paper and pinch it somewhere, perceiving it as something other than paper, just because it has an apparent shape other than that which surrounds it. It’s still the same thing though,” she responded.

Exactly,” I said.

Then I added, “If we are beings of light, entering a world of light — a different kind of light — we would distort that reality because the present reality of who we are is already light … the distorted reality is the reality we perceive to be real, as in the world we exist in now.

Continuing, she said, “Holographic apparitions rather than solid, actually separate entities. Perhaps this is why dimensions intersect each other at 90 degree angles. It’s just us coming back on ourselves in new ways to experience multiplicity.

So particles are twists of space-time…  

Intersections of light. And! If absolute zero is no vibratory motion of any particle, it’s because there is no interaction. It would be uninterrupted flatness,” she added.

 “Ah ha! Flat,” I exclaimed.
Then she asked, “We can extend on forever uninterrupted, but projecting requires an other to bounce off of. 0D as a source?” She laughed.

Laughing with her, I responded, “0D would be light though, it has to be.

Thinking out loud, I said, but things can’t bounce off if there is no density to it…

It’s pretty awesome that we had the same thought train about interrupted light and projections,” she said.

Then she asked, “But what -is- light? Consciousness? Beingness? That Which Is or the attention thereof? We seemingly innately equate it with positivity. So that which we see is light and that which we refuse to attend to is dark? I feel like the metaphor works in a literal way, I’m just not sure how.

Oh shiny!!” I exclaimed.

Actually, I think “oh shiny” may be the answer to your question,” I added.

Pondering, she asked, “How does the light in a holograph work? Bounced off of a reflection?

What happens when physical light reflects off a metallic surface? It catches our attention, because we somehow can relate to it, for whatever reason,” I said.

Continuing, she said, “That is precisely why, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in sparkly sorts of things. Every living thing flourishes with light, and many animals instinctively collect shinies.

Finishing the conversation, I said, “By the way… spirals as expressions of light intersecting with each other? perhaps why they appear -everywhere- in nature?

Mitt Romney Invasion

I have been watching the Republican campaign closely. I’m not one for politics. I try to stay out of them as much as possible, unless it relates to something I care about… (I guess most people are like that??). Anyway, last summer I was busy doing an esoteric study of sound. There’s a small esoteric community called the EVP / Reverse Speech community. I believe I have written about the reverse speech research in the past. They believe that the manifest world is a mirror, a reflection of the world above, or the astral world. In my post, “The Concept of Images” I talk about the esoteric meaning of an image and perception. The EVP/RS community believes that the world above is the Universal Mind (Wilcock calls this the Source Field). The Universal mind has two parts, just like the human mind … these two parts are called the Mother and the Father; the Father is obviously God and the Mother is the Goddess (if you will). In mysticism, it is taught that the manifest world is created by a group of egregore thinking entities who have imprisoned humanity into this matrix of light, sound and form. They imprisoned us because we contain all the knowledge within ourselves and they want to take this power from us… and so they appear to us as a God because they are in control of this reality; but in reality, we are shut off from the Universal Mind which in essence is the “Real” God (if you will). So in essence, when you RS you are revealing voices (or spirits) from the astral world (or universal mind). Man was made in the image of God (or astral form).

Reading up on the library of knowledge that the EVP/RS community has collected from doing RS it became aware to me that RS can, if done correctly, be a form of divination. If you have created a deep connection to the people on the other side, you will begin to get clearer answers. But as always, there are beings and such on the other side that will manipulate your words so the message will not get across. In my experience, I have done RS where the entire sentence of what I recorded was manipulated and changed to something completely different from what I originally said!

Last summer, knowing that the election was coming up, I wanted to see if I could get any information about the election. I had read rumors within the esoteric community of some staged events that could lead up to a World War III (of sorts). I decided to try to see if these rumors were true, and if it could have any affect on the election. I recorded my thoughts and when I was going back through the audio I had said the word, “Invasion” and in the reversal it actually became, “Mitt Romney”. I’m thinking, a Mitt Romney invasion? Why? Then I though that perhaps Mitt Romney would have a huge impact on the election… somehow.

Then when Mitt Romney swept through the nation winning the Republican vote for a lot of major republican states, I again thought back to that RS. And, I was, personally amazed how that message got through. Yes, indeed, a Mitt Romney invasion of sorts did happen.

For what its worth, here’s the recording:

As a note, the first word is the word recorded and the second half is the reversal.

Hello world.