I always have seen the Science of Mysticism is the science of the chaotic, “unorganized” world and “regular” science is the science of the organized, physical world. Interpreting the future is just seeing and feeling the energy of the unorganized world manifesting into the organized world.

Altar/Meditation Space

Since spirituality seems to be an ever increasing presence in my life, I think its about time to get an altar/meditation space. My current desktop altar isn’t cutting it. I need a space in my room that is *specifically* for meditations. I’ve been thinking about cleaning out one corner of my room that faces west. Now the religion I have only really known to use an altar is the Wiccan/Pagan religion and they align their altars to North. But my desktop and computer area is already facing north and there is no way am I going to move my desk around. My desk came with a miniature extension table to store a printer. Since I’m home from school, I’m gonna have to clean that off since its’ storing craft supplies right now and move my printer to it. Once I clean that area out I think I will have enough space for a small meditation altar.

HOWEVER, this space is facing West. So I’ve been doing research about the significance of having an altar face West and apparently there’s some significance from the eastern traditions which is perfect.

In the Buddhist tradition,

B. The Location of a Buddhist Altar

It is ideal to set up a Buddhist altar in a dedicated room. If the building is of two or more stories, it is proper to set it up on the top floor. If there is no dedicated room available, a quiet place or a room which can be closed up for quiet meditation at the regular practice time should be selected.

The orientation of a Buddhist altar depends on the main Buddha worshipped. If the practitioner majors in the Pureland school, the main Holiness should be Amitabha Buddha And hence the altar

should be oriented toward the East. In case of the Healing Buddha who eliminates misfortunes and prolongs lives, it should be orientated toward the West. (All notes below are added into the English translation by Dr. Lin. Note 1: Amitabha Buddha’s Pureland is in the West, hence the altar ideally is to be set up such that when we face Him, we are facing the West. A similar remark applies to the case of the Healing Buddha whose Pureland is in the East.) If the wall available is not of the ideal orientation, it is also fine to ignore this point. It is proper to select a wall with sufficient illumination so that it is easier for the practitioner to concentrate on gazing at the holy images .

The north doesn’t feel right to me. I just don’t seem to have any spiritual connection to the North, however, only during rituals and meditations do I face the North… I really do feel a strong pull towards to the to set up this altar.

The early Christians also faced West,

Worshippers in the courtyard could witness the sacrifices offered in front of the holy of holies, and knew that therein God dwelt behind a series of curtains, through which only the high priest could pass.  Priests and people faced west toward the Presence of God, the Shekinah.  With the entrance in the east, sunlight was admitted in the morning, while the structure provided a modicum of shade over the courtyard in the hot afternoon.

Most spiritualists say you should put a place that is easiest for you. Just orientate the ritual/circle to north when you are actually doing one. For some reason I seem to have a strong elemental connection to water (the element of the west) right now. Dunno why.

Upon doing more research however I found this pagan thread in a forum where someone asked the question, The Altar-is it ok to have it facing the west? 

One reply really resonated with me,

Your altar should face the direction that is taught in your tradition. Usually this would be the North or the East. The West is the direction of endings, imagination, the subconscious, and dreams; I don’t know of any tradition which uses it on a regular basis.

Of course!! Subconscious, dreams, imagination, all things related to the third eye! No wonder I feel a strong connection there. But I *DO* like what other traditions say about the Presence of God being in the West. Also I get a lot of sunlight this time of year and to have it shine down on my altar would be cool. So I think that’s settled, I will put near that wall when I’ve saved enough monies for the table I’m thinking about buying.

Psychic Burdens

Some people think that it must be wonderful to be able to pick up and retrieve information of future events that always prove themselves to be accurate. For me its allowed me to really help connect and understand clients and friends at a soul level. Though, with all blessings there come its burdens. Sometimes even when you are so damn sure that something may happen, that may not always be the case. Sure, as they say, the future is never set in stone. But if you’re the type that believes that things happen for a reason, these things -are- set in stone and is the reason why spiritually inclined people can pick up these events. Sometimes no matter what you do, you’ll always be faced by certain events that you may or may not be able to avoid.

Recent events  made me really step back and rethink some things. I love being able to help people solve burning questions about future events through various means of divination, but to not be able to fully believe my own divination readings about my own life is definitely a down fall. I have been studying divination since a sophomore in high school. Recent events have made me really step back and reassess my abilities. Where did I go wrong? Was I too hasty?

Some things you can’t really shake off and ignore.

When I feel or see something, I know its going to happen one way or another. I often talk about how I utilize my third eye in my artwork and how recently when I was working on the H.E logo I for some reason couldn’t get the artwork to how I saw it in my third eye. Perhaps I should’ve taken that as a sign. I have been emotionally distressed this summer between job searching, moving back to this horrid town, fighting for my independence with my parents, and dealing with separation anxiety from the people I love and care about from college. Its been one heck of an emotional rollercoaster. Today’s events, while may have pained me a little, I’m glad happened. Now I have some closure and can move on if need be. If what I felt and saw will eventually happen so be it. But now, only until I have a window of opportunity will I ever act on a premonition or some result from divination. Also I hate being toyed with emotionally which is another reason all together why I’ve completely avoided relationships my entire life.

Visual Language

One of my long-ish term projects that I’ve been thinking about is creating a visual language that would be aesthetically pleasing as well.

Regular Languages are practical for many reasons, but wouldn’t it be nice to convey the same information in a more pleasingly manor? The language can be read by all even those who cannot read practical languages…despite having an information recall disability languages fascinate me.

It would also be good for those who are aesthetic learners, people who learn things via visual means. A linguist, Richard Brodie, developed a glyph system that took the english language and added color to it and he called it; Chromaphonoglyphics.

Even the social media icons can be seen as a type of visual language system. In esotericism there is a geometrical language given to us from the ancient Vedas called the Tattwas. Tattwa are geometric images from India. they are  symbols  that can be used in mandala.  One of the most traditional symbol sets and one considered to have innate power to effect realization is by using  Tattwa. These simple geometric symbols can be used in  meditation.

I was then thinking about how other things are conveyed in a compact manor.

I somehow ran across floor medallions and thought that their style would be perfect for conveying a lot of information in a compact space.


So like the center could be the main idea of the story and the surrounding elements could tell details of the story. Perhaps using philosopher, Keyserling’s logic about brain coherence might be interesting to work with.

The Secret of Sion – William Henry

I’ve been reading a few books lately. I’m still working on David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations but I recently had a burning desire to read William Henry‘s master piece, The Secret of Sion.

I bought the e-book version on my ipod touch for the kindle app. The paper back price was $85 dollars and the e-book version was $10! It was worth $10 too cause I found a lot of grammatical errors along with typos as well. I hope it was only the e-book version.

But I couldn’t put this book down. It is right on cue with what I’m into as an artist. Finally, we have a modern thinker whose got a good handle on what the purpose of religion is. His work is really convincing and makes a heck of a lot of sense. I don’t recommend the book for those who are more inclined to be skeptic, you have to acknowledge first that the artwork done back in the medieval/renaissance time periods were alchemical and not just for aesthetics. In ancient/medieval/renaissance art had a practical purpose and that was to convey information and knowledge that only the “pure hearted” a.k.a the “initiate” would be able to understand. I watched a documentary awhile ago about the science/religion of ancient Egypt called, “The Invisible Science” and it said that symbolism and mythology was the first veil to receiving knowledge to become enlightened.

I highly recommend this book, but definitely buy the e-book version.

Creativity is Intelligence at Play

At the beginning of my artistic quest.. I read a book called The Holy Science by Sri Yukteswar. In it he states that man’s intelligence (creativity) increases as the sun’s position moves closer to the galactic center. In the Secret of Sion by William Henry he states that a consistent force exists at the center of the galaxy. This force is creative/spiritual and is said to be home to intelligent beings who reside at the center (Sion). This advanced race helps the creative/spiritual evolution process in all galactic races. It is assumed that this force is responsible for the natural intelligence of Man (which is creativity). I just thought I’d mention that the world seems to be getting more and more expressive. In movies we have 3-D technology where the movies literally are “expressive” and we have highly expressive individuals such as Minaj, Perry and Lady Gaga, etc. Not to mention three years ago, “Social visioning” was created through the pinboard style website: Pinterest. Is it just me, or is the world getting more creative?

Einstein said himself that, “Creativity is Intelligence at Play”. I suppose when most people begin to spiritually wake up that same spiritual energy is transmitted into creative energy.

The Manifest world is an Interference.

I have one — er, colleague — that I theorize with on occasion because we both study light, sound and form in a similar fashion. For me, its a bit more formal, but she is interested in light, sound and form as well in the same view. We’re often theorizing about ideas and old hypotheses in hopes of retrieving some kind of truth, whatever it may be.

Last night, while procrastinating packing my dorm room up, I ran across an alternative science database that I haven’t found before and this article. The article focused on the age-old idea that the earth is flat. I have had written ideas before suggesting that the earth/universe could indeed be flat: Holographic Reality and the World is Flat and the Universe is Flat. Apparently there are a few people out there that still believe that the world is flat. 

We got into an interesting discussion about the possibility of the Earth being flat and how it could possibly function as a flat surface.

I posted this link onto my colleague’s facebook wall and the conversation began like this:

She commented jokingly, “All photographs of Earth from space are taken with FISH EYE LENSES to TRICK US!!!” 

In all seriousness, I then asked, “No, seriously have you thought about it though?

She responded, “About a flat Earth? Not with my understanding of physics, which may or may not be faulty. But the Sun is visibly spherical, the moon is spherical, and the planets I’ve seen through a telescope also have the same light shading as a sphere rather than a disc. I wouldn’t consider the Earth to be a special case.

Expanding Earth, that I’ve considered.

But isn’t there always a dual option though in this world? What’s the opposite of spherical? Flat. If everything is an illusion in this manifest world, things that would appear flat, would be spherical and vice versa, theoretically,” I insisted.

She then replied, “I don’t really believe the world operates on duality as much as a refracted spectrum of plurality. We could divide numbers as even or odds, but we could also differentiate by multiples of three or fives. I feel it has much more to do with perspective than duality. All illusions are equally false.

And then added, “Can we count a Mobius strip as being flat?

It looks like its technically a spiral, so yes,” I answered.

Continuing, she said, “I don’t know if there’s physical evidence to support this, but I still think of the universe as expanding from a central point and collapsing back into itself when its expansion is no longer enough to overcome its gravity.

Yes. I’ve seen that in Tibetan art,” I said confidently. 

Then I asked, “what if our eyes are natural fish eye lenses?

She answered, “That’s still assuming physical matter is actual rather than perceptual. But we could also be light, shining onto inert information and perceiving it as experience…

I then asked, “Light shining upon light equals what?   

Experience,” she said simply.

Then she added, “We could equate light with attention, as we equate darkness with the unseen. There has to be an interaction of some sort for there to be anything to experience.”   

A world between worlds,” I said.
 Then she asked, “If we perceive no opposition, interference, interaction, can we perceive otherness or plurality?

Are we built to do that? I don’t think so, if we could, there would be no division,” I responded.

Light absorption,” I then added.

 “That would be the point where illusion refracts as a distortion of reality. We can take a flat sheet of paper and pinch it somewhere, perceiving it as something other than paper, just because it has an apparent shape other than that which surrounds it. It’s still the same thing though,” she responded.

Exactly,” I said.

Then I added, “If we are beings of light, entering a world of light — a different kind of light — we would distort that reality because the present reality of who we are is already light … the distorted reality is the reality we perceive to be real, as in the world we exist in now.

Continuing, she said, “Holographic apparitions rather than solid, actually separate entities. Perhaps this is why dimensions intersect each other at 90 degree angles. It’s just us coming back on ourselves in new ways to experience multiplicity.

So particles are twists of space-time…  

Intersections of light. And! If absolute zero is no vibratory motion of any particle, it’s because there is no interaction. It would be uninterrupted flatness,” she added.

 “Ah ha! Flat,” I exclaimed.
Then she asked, “We can extend on forever uninterrupted, but projecting requires an other to bounce off of. 0D as a source?” She laughed.

Laughing with her, I responded, “0D would be light though, it has to be.

Thinking out loud, I said, but things can’t bounce off if there is no density to it…

It’s pretty awesome that we had the same thought train about interrupted light and projections,” she said.

Then she asked, “But what -is- light? Consciousness? Beingness? That Which Is or the attention thereof? We seemingly innately equate it with positivity. So that which we see is light and that which we refuse to attend to is dark? I feel like the metaphor works in a literal way, I’m just not sure how.

Oh shiny!!” I exclaimed.

Actually, I think “oh shiny” may be the answer to your question,” I added.

Pondering, she asked, “How does the light in a holograph work? Bounced off of a reflection?

What happens when physical light reflects off a metallic surface? It catches our attention, because we somehow can relate to it, for whatever reason,” I said.

Continuing, she said, “That is precisely why, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more interested in sparkly sorts of things. Every living thing flourishes with light, and many animals instinctively collect shinies.

Finishing the conversation, I said, “By the way… spirals as expressions of light intersecting with each other? perhaps why they appear -everywhere- in nature?

Hello world.