Can’t Sleep

Can’t Sleep

Can’t sleep tonight! I’ve been anxious with a few business projects lately. The shanty has come to a close and I made almost $600! Pretty good for a first time… I’ve had roughly 5 transactions a day and learned a lot about my future customers and my work in general. One of the other artists gave me an idea to try that I might explore in August. This month has been crazy wrapping up the shanty and getting ready for my three shows. This week/weekend I am preparing for the Boston Public Library show and next week I will be dropping off my work in Truro for another show and this weekend is the reception at the exhibit in Gloucester which started on the 2nd. In the middle of all this I had two large orders come through that I can’t say much about – yet – as I’m still in the process of sealing them. One is close to being closed and the other I am waiting on the contract for.


For the past month and a half I have been reorganizing my presence online. My design and my artist work have been becoming their own entities and it got to be very confusing to differentiate them both on my website. So I have been slowly splitting up my design work and my artist work. My design work will now be located at – my design firm which now focuses on inspirational, creative and lifestyle industries and my artist website: This way I feel like my work will be better marketable.

Announcement regarding Studio19

IMG_1289I have an announcement regarding my studio, Studio19. This morning I received an email about a sudden shift in studio management. I can’t go into details, but its’ causing a lot of people to move out of the community that I’m apart of. I will be staying for the year and then spend that time to create a new body of work and to figure out what to do next. Since I am transitioning with my contract position on top of a lot things that are up in the air right now, moving out of Cabot Street Studios is not an option unless I’m forced to and if management tries to pull shit on me then I’ll take legal action but I won’t go that route unless I have to. I am going to let the dust settle and see where things go. But for the most part I’ll be staying and my reception will still be on.

Why am I staying? I am staying to make art. And to express what I love to do. I didn’t join Cabot Street Studios because of a certain individual or to socialize. I joined because my artwork needs space for me to make more and that is why I am staying. To continue with my goal to make more artwork. Sure I’m disappointed that a bunch of people are deciding to pack up and leave – but that’s their decision and this is mine.

Studio Updates


My dad and I went to go work on my studio this past Tuesday. Things are finally coming together in the main room and now we’re shifting our focus on the darkroom. It’s been put on hold because we were painting the main room. I was going to do venetian plaster on the big wall, but since I just recently accepted a contract position at Minuteman Press, its going to be hard for me to find time to work on the walls and I like how it is coming together without the plaster. I just have some more things I’d like to put there, like picture lights to put above the frames and a few decor items like curtains, tapestries and a rug to put down. Otherwise it is almost done.

Hello world.