Harvard Leadership Conference Recap

photo-43 This Saturday I went to the Harvard Leadership conference as a “participant”. One of my Kirlian Photographs was submitted and exhibited on the sides of the conference room. Got a lot of positive feedback for it which made me happy. The first workshop I went to was called, “High Awareness through Spiritual Consciousness”. The speaker was a little hard to understand, but he basically said that we should be focusing on how our emotions affect our actions and by focusing on our emotions we become more in tune with the present moment, and thus more in tune to the realization that we’re all connected. By realizing that we should then present ourselves as individuals that stand out from the group and not act as part of a “following” because we’re trying to do what everybody tells us what we should do. Anyway, that’s what I picked up. My speaker was Chat Troutwine who spoke how presenting in a leadership role is like telling a story. Storytelling is very important to leadership and presenting oneself because the brain is hardwired to learn information in a story format. My second workshop was Designing for the Client; Building for the Community. It focused on 3-D design and architecture instead of 2-D design but the concepts are the similar. I was put into the design group and apart of trying to convince clients why design is important for a building. I also got a potential client out of the second workshop as well! I spoke about how design is more about psychology than anything else. The final speaker was Roger Love and he spoke about how to speak in front of a large audience and how music was a big part of how we speak even if we aren’t singing or performing the same kinds of techniques that performers and singers use can be applied to presenting as well. Overall it was a good day, just long. Glad to be home.

On the way to the conference I saw a playing card on the ground and ignored it. When I got there I was advised to go back and put a sign saying I got a permit for parking, and when I walked back to the conference a second time I picked up the card. It was the Queen of Hearts (in Tarot the Queen of Cups). The Q/Hearts is her character card… if that isn’t a sign of what is to come I don’t know what is…

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