“I Like Your Style!”

I have been recently working with a client based out of Universal Studios in California doing an on-going series of posters for club events. It’s good experience, and feeds my creativity – keeps me busy. Recently, said client acknowledged my style and said it was ‘cool’. I thanked him, but it began to have me thinking about what my style is – exactly.

I don’t think I have any particular style… I do my visual and intellectual research and build the design from there. Visual research  – as in – paying attention to photographic details or other visual clues. For example, in the poster I recently did for a club called – RAIN – located in Studio City, CA – I noticed that the club was a bit retro-like. Their interiors used geometries and straight edges to provide a modern and contemporary feel – not at all organic and earthy. My client wasn’t feeling the fonts I chose originally, and wanted something a little livelier which I then looked to the photographs for details that I could in corporate into the design. In the end, I chose BOLD, THICK fonts with a neon color to speak to the club atmosphere.

If there is intellectual research needed, I head to google. I research my terms and techniques and see what I can apply to my design.

That’s my style. I don’t necessarily have a ‘visual style’. I think having a specific style as a graphic designer is limiting, and restricting. It’s good to show case a variety of different styles. I enjoy being versatile and consider it being a huge core value to me. I guess being versatile is my style.


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