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il_570xN.610840771_owr8My typical ‘work day’ consists of internet crawls to find artist and exposure opportunities. I spend a couple of days a month doing this because you never know what you might miss!

Recently my artwork was accepted into two publications: Brown Rice Magazine and ICA Publishing both of which are based out of New York. They are both print publications.

Brown Rice Magazine is a self-published and ad-free healthy food zine featuring recipes, food lit, personal essays, tutorials, art, and more. The zine will be distributed locally in NYC and sold online for a small fee.


ICA Publishing also accepted my artwork, but upon further investigation on the company it turns out to be a scam. To be a TRUE opportunity you shouldn’t have to pay-to-play… (In/Finite Earth wasn’t a pay-to-play) unless they state that the fees are for administration purposes, or goes to the prizes of the competition, etc. I shouldn’t have to buy two books of a publication that I was asked to be in! So disappoint. And the pay-to-play isn’t the normal affordable $10-$50 participation fee of most art competitions/exhibitions I submit work to… they were asking $232 upfront.

ICA Publishing kind of reminds me of the exhibition I participated in Marfa, TX. It was with The Biennial Project, which I appreciate what they do as their mission, but at the same time digital exhibitions are a bit of a scam as well. It was $35 for like three images I think. Which wasn’t bad, during the after math of the event, they never posted photos of the big screen which the artwork displayed and only team photos of their trip to Marfa, TX. Hmm… seems like someone is just trying to make money to go traveling while ‘supporting artists’..

For more information on ‘art scams’ the ARTBUISNESS website has some great information.

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