New Client: Style for Bliss

I recently had the opportunity to present my portfolio and proposal for a social-enterprise brand based in Marlborough, MA. They are part of the UN and help train women with marketable skills in jewelry design to change their lives. Our proposal was to conceptualize a package design concept for their jewelry brand – Style for Bliss. When I got the invitation to present my portfolio, I was stoked as their work is right up K Glyphics’ alley. I spent a few minutes researching jewelry packaging and drove quickly down to Michael’s to purchase some packaging supplies to put together a few prototypes – and it definitely paid off!

The creative director of Style for Bliss and I spoke for 2 hours about their work, my work and the proposal. The over all the presentation went way better than I anticipated as that is always a good thing. As the CD and I got talking and sharing our ideas she ended up really liking my portfolio and proposal and said I was her favorite :).

I am happy to announce that my proposal was accepted for their Packaging Designer position! My role will be to develop and design a package for their jewelry that communicates their brand through design and materials. I am excited to take on this endeavor as it is something entirely new to my skill set and for K Glyphics. But there is a lot of growth and opportunities from this.

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