Product Review: dōTERRA essential oils

Kari Cummins

These past few weeks, I’ve been lucky to connect with Kari Cummins from over at Mom on a Mission and she was looking for product reviewers of dōTERRA essential oils! I have heard of the brand from several of my holistic/alternative health friends and have been wanting to try them but not splurge on a bottle only to find out it didn’t work for me (which has happened before). She was gracious and sent me a few product samples of Peppermint for invigorating of the lungs, Melaleuca for minor skin irritation and Lavender for stress related symptoms and Breathe, On Guard and Digest Zen for bodily dysfunctions. At the time I was going through heavy stress inducing insomnia and my normal stress relief routines weren’t working. Well the Lavender has certainly helped my stress relief and for that I am grateful for, I am curious to start working with essential oils more for other areas of my life. For Kari it had given her a huge wake up call in regards to the chemicals we put in and around our bodies. She has written about her experience over on her blog: How Essential Oils Change Her Life.

When I received the package from Kari, I quickly opened up the Lavender sample and placed it on my temples. I immediately felt relief as that is where I feel stress the most and continued to work with the oil in that way. I then realized it may last longer seeped into an herbal pillow I have used to help me sleep. So the rest of the bottle I poured into the square pillow and keep it by my nose when I sleep. It had  the same effect. IMG_0893

Once I am able, I look forward to offering essential oil content on my blog after some use of the product in it’s full size. Herbal/plant based remedies have often worked well for me and it may just be because I am drawn to the plant world; being an Aquarian with Capricorn stellium and all ;).

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