Studio Wrap-Up

Transitioning from a full-time job back to a freelancer schedule has been difficult. But I’ve been using the time to slow down, take some much needed time off and work on some personal work that has been put on the back-burner due to overtime at Yankee Candle. I spent the last week playing catch-up and would like to share what I’ve been up to!

My initial reaction to crisis moments is to act and GTFO! So my initial reaction to being laid off from Yankee Candle was to move out due to money. I decided to do something different, and decided to be patient. Shocker!

One of the things that working at a large corporation like Yankee Candle has taught me is sometimes it’s better to be patient because you’ll be waiting on other people if you aren’t. I was speaking with a Customer Service Rep whom I had occasionally shared a computer with and we had jokingly said that sometimes its just better to be patient, otherwise you have to yell at people. I had spent months interviewing and coming out to Northampton, why would I risk the chance of giving up where I am after all the hard work to get here? I guess it’s just what I’m used to doing.

Because of my initial reaction, I had moved all my projects and things to this past week to wrap-up before I would have to gone back home (this weekend).


I had my first meeting with my potential intern! I am looking to bring on a social media intern to help with things around here. As more work comes to me (which is a good thing) my social media is declining and as a marketer the numbers are where its’ at! I met with a Umass student at Forbes Library in Northampton and it went well. I’m just waiting on his school allowing him to receive credit.


I don’t think I did much Tuesday, work-wise. But I did finally cave in to my overwhelming desire to play a piano. Tuesday night I went to Smith College Music Department and found a practice room to play piano for the first time since graduating college. It is so much different than playing on a keyboard and hopefully it will help me gain my hand strength back.


I received an email from a media agency in South Africa requesting a partnership. I have scheduled a skype meeting with their Rep for next week. I’m excited to see what will become of it. I will be offering my graphic design and social media services for them to outsource.

I also made a very special studio visit to an artist friend of mine out in Ware, MA. I’m filming a promo for my main site and doing some film work for him. He used to do film work in New York City, not that that’s not intimidating or anything! 😉


I went back to the Boston area to pick up artwork at the Cummings Center in Beverly to be transported to a window installation exhibit in Wellesley. I’m excited to have work displayed in my home town!


I worked on the redesign of my main website: Kglyphics and spent most of the day doing that. But then received the offer for the part-time job at AroosJoon which made my day, tbh. I get to stay in Northampton at least until the fall.

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