The Bees Knees – 42 Maple Contemporary Art Center

This past Tuesday I drove 2.5 hours up to Bethlehem, NH to drop off my artwork in the mountains! My pieces, Pine Needles, Pine Needles #2 and Seaweed were accepted into a really cool exhibit called the Bees Knees. The exhibition was focused on bringing awareness to the Bee depopulation and supporting locally organic products and honey. I really wish I could attend the reception because it sounded really interesting, but it is on the first day I am going to be in Italy so I won’t be in the country.

The drive up to Bethlehem, NH was interesting – although long… – it was fun to drive through the Franconcia National Park and see the mountains and valleys and gorges, etc. I hope the weather would be a bit better for pickup day because I would be interested in stopping by some of the sites in that park – it was raining when I drove up to drop them off. I’m sure there will be a formal press release out next week.

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