Weekly Tarot #11

three of wands – eight of coins – emperor – ace of cups

I have seen the emperor represent agencies or companies that I’ve applied to in the past and having it be next to the eight of coins seems really positive to me. Ace/cups to me in the past HAS represented disappointment but it can also be overwhelming happiness. I just clarified it with the 2/cups so it could just be a new partnership at the marketing firm! Trying to not get ahead of myself here, but the three/wands could represent that I have waited a great deal finally my efforts are paying off and my ships are coming in (job). This look real positive for the office/graphic design position. We’ll see what happens. :-)
Well, yes, I did go to the interview with that company and did come out with a bit of disappointment because the job wasn’t exactly what I’d like to be in it was very basic graphic design and not so much conceptual design. But I did receive positive feedback from my Boss at Tearoom about my first day so that’s good. Just gotta work on my interpersonal skills with them, get back into being my old self.

four of pentacles – queen of cups – nine of swords – two of wands

Next week, I’ll be holding onto something, perhaps something emotional related. Something will come up and it’ll cause more worry/stress and indecision.

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