Wellfleet, MA Artist Talk: Janet Echelman

Wednesday afternoon, I drove down to my family’s summer home in Eastham to attend an artist talk in Wellfleet later that evening. The artist – Janet Echelman, who I have admired since junior year of college when I wrote a paper about her work comparing it to a 1960s artist. Ever since then, her work has amazed me. When I came down to the reception for Truro – in July, I picked up a Provincetown Art Gallery guide and saw in the back a list of events and saw that Janet Echelman was speaking in Wellfleet. I am very glad I got to attend her talk as she spoke more about her process and journey as an artist. It was refreshing to hear her background as she thought she’d never break into the art world as a traditional artist and it got me thinking about my work and journey. It also impressed me how each design of hers, while the final outcome is the same style and technique and design she has fabricated, the original concept and research is different each time and tailored to each commission/city.

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